Ulysses, the Sirens, and the appeal of disinformation

When watching certain people in the forefront of the current state of medicine, primarily around the vaccine/mRNA debate, the imagery of Ulysees and the Sirens comes to mind.

In searching for the truth, we have to sail through narrow waters of disinformation coming from both sides. (Even if most of the disinformation on both sides is injected by only one of them)

Today, on Tucker Carlson’s long form show, Tucker Carlson Today, Tucker did a one hour interview with a top NHS cardiologist, Haseem Malhotra.

Haseem dealt with the facts. These facts should be enough, taken on their own, to end the vaccine program, and to arrest and jail such a large number of big pharma and government execs that we would need to ask the Chinese to put them up in their new hostels for the politically incorrect.

Had no one heard anything in terms of the disinformation such as those making it appear that the injections build home networks in your bloodstream, injected alien creatures into you, turned you into a super conducting magnet or any of the other more, i dunno, questionable claims, then what Dr. Malhotra said would be making front page news all across the entire world. Assuming of course the news still existed to inform you in order for you to exercise your own risk benefit.

What he does say is spectacular, once you rule out the injected nonsense about the mRNA shots.

Now there should be no blame on the part of people who trafficked in this information unwittingly. That is called, “misinformation” and is defined as people in good faith passing along falsehoods which had an information warfare purpose, created as disinformation by people who knew it was false. And to be perfectly blunt, once a person comes to realize that big pharma, big media, and big government are all lying to you, one’s receptivity to this kind of misinformation from friends and colleagues is much easier to accept.

So like Ulysses, strapped to the mast of his ship and sailing the narrow waters between two very tempting data sets, either one of which would dash him and his crew upon the rocks to their certain deaths while the creators of these powerful and tempting songs pick the flesh off theirĀ bones, we must learn that the truth lies directly through the passage of these tempting lies. On the one side, government and drug companies and media lulling us to comfort that if we just obey and inject, everything will be OK and normalcy will be restored. On the other, people making claims so outlandish about the mRNA shots and what they supposedly do, that the real damage to your hearts, potential cancers, blood clots, fertility, damaged immune systems and other issues seem rather banal by comparison.

Because all who get the shots do not die, does not mean that those who do from the shots is not horrifying and far, far too frequent. The increase in deaths of young healthy people from the vaxx is staggering. But it is not anything like the Siren’s call makes it out to be. It is still large enough to call for and hold the biggest criminal trials in world history. But people tend to drift off into disbelief because so many have the shots and appear to be fine. And many actually are.

Haseem Malhotra is one of the people we must listen to. Along with American pathologist, Dr. Ryan Cole and many others.

The full interview with Haseem Malhotra can be seen at https://nation.Foxnews.com and was released this morning. A very short clip of it is below. But his case is subtle and complex. It is not about fake videos of weird alien creatures in your blood from “a dark field microscope”. (The way that tool is named is reminiscent of an episode of the X files that had little to no substance to the story, so they stressed the importance of a “digital tape” all through the show hoping that would sell the severity of the tape’s contents.)

Mass Formation Psychosis a con to blame us for elite crimes against the public?

Please watch this with careful attention. This deals with subtle and powerful disinformation techniques that have profound consequences for us all and our civilization. Might even be worth stopping it from time to time and thinking about what is said. But it is certainly worth watching, even if one is not in total agreement with it.

Preview of program on recognizing disinformation and propaganda!

This begins Tomorrow at 7:00 PM Eastern (New York-Toronto) time and looks like an excellent use of our time and brain cycles. With Dr. Pierre Kory who is excelent, and Prof. Mark Miller who I don’t know anything about yet. But the preview looks like the show will be worth watching.

This seems like the right spot to post this video: