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7 Replies to “A couple of the many videos coming in of insane police actions against legal, peaceful protestors”

  1. OTTAWA POLICE deleted a tweet from this early afternoon.

    They tweeted they had rescued an abandoned dog from a truck. They broke the window of the truck to rescue the dog.

    Reading the replies, I was floored that so many people believed the story, a feel-good necessity for the Ottawa Police at this point in time.

    But more, the very high majority of people praised the Ottawa Police and spit on the owner who abandoned his dog, an ‘extremist…’.

    I was one of the rare ones that outright stated the Ottawa Police was lying. No owner would abandon his dog in his vehicle. The story makes no sense.

    CONCLUSION: Ottawa Police will now resort to anything to look good.

  2. CTH – Ottawa Police Complain Too Many People Are Calling Them – Too Much Trumpet

    Apparently, the psychological stress on the Ottawa Police is becoming quite troublesome.

    They are asking people to stop calling 1-613-236-1222.


    twitter @OttawaPolice

    We know the events in #Ottawa are upsetting.

    Still, we’re asking people to stop calling critical emergency and operational phone lines to express displeasure about the police action to remove an unlawful assembly downtown.


    Lives can depend on 911 calls getting through.

    It is a crime to unnecessarily call 911 or our non-emergency number (613-236-1222).

    We track calls and will charge anyone deliberately interfering with the phone lines.

    twitter @sissy26808034

    What we don’t see on tv

    Ukraine – Odessa police refuses to go against its people

    + VIDEO



  3. Office of the Secretary to the Governor General · 613-993-8200 · (toll-free in Canada and the U.S.) TTY: 1-800-465-7735 · info@gg.ca

    ———email subject—————
    Subject: Crimes against Humanity, confidence vote petition.


    Her Excellency
    the Right Honourable Mary Simon, C.C., C.M.M., C.O.M, C.D.

    Governor General of Canada

    Rideau Hall
    1 Sussex Drive
    Ottawa, Ontario
    K1A 0A1


    It is my profoundly disturbing Duty, as specified in the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act, to notify Her Excellency that grave Human Rights Violations and in fact Crimes Against Humanity are being systematically perpetrated by Federal, Provincial and Territorial governments, agents, agencies and paramilitary police, directed from the PMO, under ultra vires diktat, within the borders of the Dominion of Canada.

    Specifically, it is seen that criminalization of opinion differing from that of the state, political intimidation, denial of the essentials of life, forced and coerced medical experimentation without informed consent, medical apartheid and segregation, internal passports, refusal of mobility rights, and violent suppression of journalists is du jour policy of the PMO.

    In light of the now infamous, excessive and disturbing 18-19/02/22 police attacks on completely unarmed, peaceful protesters comporting themselves to the letter of the Charter, and conducting their legally required duty as demanded of citizens by the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act, Canada is to all appearances a gross Human Rights Violator, as defined by international law; specifically the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, sections 1, 7 and 9.

    The ICCRP is administered within the borders of Canada by the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act; this Act is binding on Her Majesty in right of Canada or a province.

    Excellency; the demagogic and demonizing rhetoric of The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada notwithstanding, it is difficult to imagine bouncy castles and the National Ensign as hate symbols, or that Canadian mothers, fathers and children who simply want their lives and their Right to Self Determination back, are a violent mob of racist, misogynist, white supremacist, antisemetic, trans-islamo-genderfluid-nonbianary-intersex-phobic national socialists.

    Excellency; this erratic, and frankly of late, overtly totalitarian behavior of the Prime Minister and cabinet, and the neglect of care displayed by this minority governments house supporters have gravely damaged Canada’s international reputation, drawn condemnation from Canadian and international Human Rights organizations, from Premiers, even from Human Rights paragons such as the People’s Republic of China, and the Islamic Republic of Iran. Public trust in state institutions may never recover, and igniting a fiduciary disaster while seizing thousands of children from their parents stagger the mind, and crush the soul. Simply; these are not the actions of a remotely rational or democratic government.

    Excellency; it is my understanding that it is Her Excellency’s privilege to demand of the House a confidence motion. Regretfully, I must humbly beg Her Excellency’s mercy, and petition Her Excellency to demand a vote of confidence of the House.


    ( NAME )

    ( Province ), Canada

  4. At last, by publishing the template letter to the Canadian Governor General, there’s some public recognition that tyrant Trudeau is not the head of Canada. It’s still the Queen of England and Mary Simon is her representative, known as the vice Regal.
    The Governor General needs to do her job and put an end to tyrant Trudeaus unlawful activities and protect the lives of Canadians.

    Or perhaps he’s doing the Queen’s bidding?

    • Well her son Charles is a Globalist Davos tool, and the grandkids aren’t the sharpest tacks in the box either. So I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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