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7 Replies to “Sydney Australia: If at first you don’t submit, your freedom earned, the tyrants quit”

  1. They didn’t send the Police Army because there were too many people in nice clothes. Also, it is Western Australia. It would be interesting should this ever occur in North-East where Dan controls everything and everybody.

    The point here is to try, and try, and try again. Eventually, you win.

  2. I have a tiny anecdote from today. I went to the drugstore to pick up my pre-ordered meds.

    Upon arrival at the med counter, they gave me my meds and I asked them if they had reusable 1cc syringes, the type with a very thin rubber band that lasts for years.

    The smiling clerk said to me “You want a vaccine?”

    I swear to God, whom I love, this is the truth: my arms went up so fast, I had no control over my reaction. So, up go my arms about 1+ foot from my face, crossed, palms toward the clerk, my head turned away and then back to her and ‘NO’. Three more times, the word NO came out in rapid succession.

    All the staff is 20- to 30-year old females. All double-vaxxed. They were stunned at my reaction. Even I am. I’m normally a smooth-reactive person. This is developing into a syndrome issue.

    • Why did I have that reaction?

      I cut off the TV cable a few years ago. All I have is music and that I get on a separate computer. I have two budgies that love music; they sing all day and dance with me in the evening. They follow the music.

      There’s an excellent website Online Radio Box that offers a variety of world music and mixed news stations. I listened for 12+ months on end to a few Quebec music channels but the ever-repetitious vaxx adds got on my nerves, destroyed my pleasure. Every 20 minutes, at times, government-paid.

      Only a few months ago did I discover Smooth Radio, it’s based in London UK, a mix of short news, great music, the very rare vax ad, and a British accent that I needed to relocate my brain.

      Last week, I checked in to my favorite Quebec music channel and the vaxx adds have almost all disappeared. I figure they lost a lot of their audience.

      Conclusion: I suffer from Vax Ad PTSD. Am I the only one?

      • No dear. The whole world is suffering PTSD because of all the madness. Anxiety, depressing, suicides, all these are off the chart now. The people in charge are trying to drive people crazy and they’re good at it.
        Pray, listen to good music, get outside and enjoy sunshine, wind, birds, and visit with others when you can. Hang in there. You have lots of company.

    • Cranky Blonde Flag of CanadaFlag of CanadaFlag of Canada
      Reading people’s desperation tweets today about not getting a jab or rapid test kit shows how much the media with directions from politicians fear monger them almost to a full blown panic Patience people

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