IMPORTANT: Press conference by Trucker protest, police massing escalation

I think they are setting up false flag events as well if the boxes of rocks that seem to be appearing downtown mean anything. You know the truckers didn’t bring them.

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  1. CTH – Insider Leak, Canadian Federal Police Likely to Begin Mass Arrests in Ottawa Very Soon
    From the video of the leaked plan, the process is straightforward:

    – Disable cell phone communication. Prevent communication and livestreaming.
    – Add additional resources to raid the truckers, selecting key targets first.
    – Remove arrested individuals to the Landsdown processing center. Dissident Detention Camp.
    – Multiple Agency coordination including RCMP, POU, and local police departments.
    – Timeline between now and Friday.

  2. Of course the rocks are set up there by leftists and likely lots living in downtown areas
    Paid by the liberals
    Dirty little impotent maggots

    Stop all testing
    Stop the fascist emergency legislation

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