German woman details the state abduction of her children, additional punishment because she tried to sing to them

This is a horrifying story of how a socialist state does justice. She was guilty of a political crime only. A thought-crime, as Orwell might have described it. Watch her description of how the state determined how long to imprison her children. There is not even the pretence of disease control. In fact the children were healthy before their arrest and imprisonment, and caught Covid once inside.

Please read the description over at RAIR Foundation.

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One Reply to “German woman details the state abduction of her children, additional punishment because she tried to sing to them”

  1. Get your kids, sell your house, move to florida.
    I dont want to freak this lady out, but germanies biggest newspaper said that 30,000 children from child protective services, were intentionally placed with child molesters.
    The left is not ok. Their brains do not work right. There choices have made them evil. They often start screaming like retards if you say something they don’t like. They will not stand up for what is right. They can’t think or listen long enough to realize that their thoughts and emotions are small minded, local and immoral.
    They will need to learn to accept bondage and abuse. Even then they will behave belligerently when they are exposed to the truth. Apparently, part of the solution is to do more and more outrageously evil stuff, in the hopes that some of the left draw A line, and assert their consciousness. I am not sure how things end for the leftists.
    When there is A flood, you move to higher ground. It will be underwater the least, it will be underwater the shortest. Concentrating all the freedom lovers of the western world in america, in red states, in Florida, is A great strategy. We should pass laws expelling the left, it would be A grand blessing to create entire functioning states. Who knows what G-d has made possible. Probably many people do, but lets work and pray, and reason to make the world the best place we can. Discriminate against leftists. Expel them from florida, and all red states. If we understand why we need to do what we do, we can make things better. In G-d I trust.

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