Interview with owner operator of very popular restaurant, WOP Pizza in Alberta DESTROYED by vaxx pass ‘laws’

Please read the related story details over at RAIR Foundation at this link.

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6 Replies to “Interview with owner operator of very popular restaurant, WOP Pizza in Alberta DESTROYED by vaxx pass ‘laws’”

  1. The scariest part of this C19 saga is the high number of people who submitted through fear and partook in the ostracization of others, including their own family members. Hopefully, people will ask themselves why was I ordered to mask up one day and then, the next day, the mask is no longer needed.

    The Uvalde slaughter is an excellent example of government officials following orders. Parents tried to fight back but they were handcuffed and tased. Many lessons are to be learned from this in relation to the C19 saga.

    Good luck Jesse Johnson and keep up the fight.

  2. What an honorable and intelligent man. My heart breaks for what he has been through. I would love for him to come to America. Too expensive and restricted where I am in California. Florida seems to be the place to go nowadays. His story has so inspired me. I wish him great future success. It will be those like him that restore freedoms around the world. Amazing story and many prayers for your future.

  3. This man is a wonderful soul! I have been blessed to not only eat his delicious pizza, back in the restaurant but also alongside the roads of Inglewood when he was wrongfully shut down. His resilience is something we should all strive for. I admire this man, incredibly! And anyone who has had the pleasure to get to know him will say the same. If you haven’t tried this man’s pies, you are missing out!!

  4. Thank You for this presentation.

    This reminds me of 2 quotes from Mark Twain:

    “Many people follow the Status Quo, long after the Quo has lost its Status”

    “Never underestimate the power of Stupid People in Large Groups”.

  5. The Freedom Truckers were a huge inspiration to us here in the U.S.
    THANK YOU. We are not far behind you when it comes to tyranny.
    The only thing protecting us from our UNELECTED ILLEGITIMATE ADMINISTRATION is our 2nd Amendment to the US CONSTITUTION.
    We may have to use it to remove our tyrannical government and save America ! We ain’t going down without a fight !

  6. To be awakened in the middle of a fight is also to be confronted to choose a side. The current pace of things affords us some opportunity to choose wisely. Choose wiswly my friend.

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