Protests in Australia on November 27, 2021

As always, most if not all of the content will be in the comments. Please check back over the day as they add up. Australia is a nascent authoritarian effectively communist state. It is important to see what they do, as the world is in lockstep in journey. Just not all at exactly the same time.

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  1. It’s interesting to see Trump flags and even the occasional MAGA hat at Aussie rallies. He obviously has become a symbol of the unheard voice of the common man.

    One question: are there any political parties or prominent politicians in Australia who are aggressively opposing the lockdowns and mandates or are they all pretty much in lockstep?

    • Quite a few and we post their speeches here whenever we find them. One Senator started his own new party with the libertarians here and there. By that I mean traditional Ozzies.

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