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3 Replies to “Australian Senator: “Locking people up for the crime of being healthy””

  1. With Australia’s dependency on China, this ‘one sovereign nation’ rhetoric seems as familiar as a Chinese Economic Union, a Chinapean Union (CU) would be. An exclusive political and trade agreement where small buisiness make way for the centralized corporate planning. Plans that need ‘anonymous’ data from all its citizens, (unlike market forces to adapted to through entrepreneurs).

    • ‘The calls of, ‘we need to pay more taxes like the Socialist nations’ that fix nothing except delay decline; verses ‘we pay slightly more for home-manufactured products’ like Make America Great Again which fixes everything.

      “Build Back Better” just means paying the Chinese to build shiney new infrastructures until all Citizens (Stakeholders) are monitored and can be identified as lazy, useless and marked for elimination.

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