Brazil: Not January 6th, Sri Lanka

Brazilians not accepting a stolen election and a communist leader installed, storm the Presidential Palace like Sri Lanka. (MSM of course claims it’s like Jan 6 in DC.)

(Stunning lies about Jan 6 and the comparison. This is more like Sri Lanka.)

The Independent:

Lula announced he will sign an emergency decree allowing the federal government to intervene and implement “any measures necessary” to bring order to the capital. The decree will remain in effect until Jan. 31.

In a live address, Lula said he is returning to Brasília to see the damage done by rioters. He said ex-president Bolsonaro’s discourse “stimulated” the attacks on the capital by questioning the integrity of institutions and the electoral process and vowed that those responsible for the attacks would be found, investigated and punished.

(US and Canada should watch closely. There is no doubt that both these once free nations will follow Brazil as its Maoism becomes uncloaked.)

More video at this Gettr link. 

It appears that Brazilians are attempting a full on counter-revolution. To be clear, the revolution was the stolen election and installation of a criminal communist into the highest office by a captured Supreme Court)

More video from Gettr

Gateway Pundit report:

This banner has it exactly right: “We Want the source Code!”

Will add more as it arrives. Please leave comments here on Brazil as well as any new videos or news.



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3 Replies to “Brazil: Not January 6th, Sri Lanka”

  1. We are close to becoming Sri Lanka, a lot closer then most people think.

    Conservative revolutions, or counter revolutions occur when a significant number of the people decide that there is no peaceful way to regain our freedom. In 1776 after over 20 years of increasing loss of freedom approximately one third of the people picked up their guns and fought to regain their rights.

    Today around sixty percent think we are no longer a free nation. I don’t know the percentage that thinks there is no peaceful way to vote our way out of the current tyranny. The numbers of the latter group grows everytime the Dems commit open crimes to remain in power.

    Evenly the tipping point will be reached and the Civil War will start. Many say that a Civil War is possible without a leader calling for a revolution. The American Revolution started when a group of individuals started fighting and others joined in to regain their rights. For the first six to twelve months we didn’t have one organize leadership for the revolution.

    I pray that both of our nations will be able to regain our freedom through the ballot box. I pray we can but don’t know if this is possible. There are signs we will and an equal number of signs we won’t.

    Keep your musket clean and your powder dry, your bugout bag packed. Don’t forget to watch your six.

  2. Indian leftist M. K. Bhadrakumar does a big boo-hoo over PM Modi’s conspicuous absence from Lula da Silva’s inauguration.

    India’s got the BRICS blues

    …The BRICS leaders flocked to Brasilia – the vice-presidents of China and Russia and the foreign minister of South Africa. The solitary exception was India. External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar prioritised a tour of the beautiful Mediterranean island of Cyprus and Austria.

    India’s “underrepresentation” probably was due to the close equations between PM Modi and Jair Bolsonaro, who served as the 38th president of Brazil from 2019 until 2022, whom Lula defeated. For some strange reason, Modi government invested heavily in Bolsonaro by inviting him as the chief guest at India’s Republic Day in January 2020…

    Indeed, it remains a mystery what attracted the Indian ruling elite to Bolsonaro, an ex-military officer. Maybe, his “strong man” image and fascist ideology?

    Bolsonaro, like Modi, felt no commitment to the idea of uniting the Global South under the banner of reshaping the world order. Both preferred pragmatic, technocratic areas as the BRICS agenda that are objectively beneficial to them (eg., technological cooperation, the fight against organised crime, digitalisation, the Development Bank and so on) although this resulted in an atrophy of the raison d’être of BRICS agenda.

    But, as luck would have it, Joe Biden’s victory in the November 2020 US election led to a cooling of the enthusiasm on the part of Bolsonaro and the Brazilian elites regarding the prospects for rapprochement with the US.…

    Unsurprisingly, India feels uneasy that the centre of gravity in BRICS is poised to shift further to the left of centre. Equally, India will find it difficult to maintain its role as a regional leader with the entry of Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia into the portals of BRICS. Being an acolyte of the US-led “rules-based order,” India faces the spectre of isolation…

  3. A really peaceful protest (until the riot police turn up) no burning buildings, no personal attacks, no claim to set up a seperate state… Antifa and BLM must be laughing. How is it democratic to let a thief out of jail and install him as the people’s protector?

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