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34 Replies to “Trucker freedom protest for Sunday, January 30, 2022”

  1. Victoria BC yesterday. Awesome!


  2. CBC – JAN 30 2022- Transport minister calls out ‘unacceptable’ symbols of hate seen at Ottawa protest

    Swastikas and Confederate flags seen during the protest in Ottawa on Saturday are ‘unacceptable’ and ‘all of us as a society need to condemn it,’ Transport Minister Omar Alghabra told CBC chief political correspondent Rosemary Barton.

    • CTV NEWS – JAN 30 2022 – ‘Cannot look the other way’: Transport minister on hateful symbols at trucker protests

      Transport Minister Omar Alghabra says hateful images at the trucker convoy’s rally against vaccine mandates and COVID-19 restrictions can’t be ignored as Canadians reflect on the weekend that has brought thousands of protesters to Ottawa’s capital.

    • CTV NEWS – JAN 30 2022 – What is the political future of the trucker convoy supporters? | Anti-vaccine mandate movement

      Former adviser to Stephen Harper Jenni Byrne and former principal secretary to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Gerald Butts discuss the political future of trucker convoy supporters.

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  3. Ottawa Citizen – JAN 30 2022 -Trucker Protest Sunday Afternoon

    Trucker protest in Ottawa continues Sunday, January 30, 2022. War Memorial, speech and crowd on Parliament Hill.

      • Justin has a problem.

        I’m reading Keean Bexte. He interviewed the three organizers.
        “Convoy organizers say that they have enough funds to keep trucks on Parliament Hill for 2 to 4 years.”

        They are proceeding from the top-down meaning their goal is Federal and then all provinces.

        Nova Scotia issued a new edict stating it is a crime to donate to the Freedom Convoy and very heavy fines await the good citizens should they do so.

        So much happening. It’s very clear the Freedom Convoy is now the true opposition party.

        A GREAT VIDEO CLIP: https://twitter.com/i/status/1487861028838944773

    • I could do without the tom-toms at the end.
      Both NZ and Oz lace their commie propaganda with homage to the “First Nations” cult. US does it too.

      Ahistorical, Noble Savage malarkey.
      When did this gimmick start? Was it cooked up in the Kremlin during the Cold War?

  4. CBC – Protest convoy had ‘worst display of Nazi propaganda in this country,’ anti-hate advocate says

    Canadian Anti-Hate Network chair Bernie Farber, who is the son of Holocaust survivors, says people can have opposing views when it comes to health care, but Ottawa’s protest convoy was taken over by ‘extremists with an agenda.’

  5. twitter @disclosetv

    JUST IN – Canada’s trucker protest: Ottawa police are “working with organizers to facilitate the safe departure of individuals and vehicles,” per statement.



    Posted On Sunday January 30, 2022

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Sunday, January 30, 2022 7:28pm

    (Ottawa)— Throughout the weekend, the Ottawa Police Service and its partners have been actively and patiently managing a well-funded, major demonstration in the downtown core. We have seen multiple cases of disruptive, inappropriate and threatening behaviour from demonstrators.

    Police are working with organizers to facilitate the safe departure of individuals and vehicles and to ensure safety.

    Police are aware that many demonstrators have announced their intention to stay in place. This will continue to cause major traffic, noise and safety issues in the downtown core. We urge all residents to avoid travel to the core.

    Police have avoided ticketing and towing vehicle so as not to instigate confrontations with demonstrators. Still, confrontations and the need for de-escalation has regularly been required.

    Along with the safety issues, costs to businesses and social costs, the Ottawa Police continues to tally the financial costs of the policing costs which are estimated at more than $800,000 a day.

    If you work in the downtown core, please plan to work from home if possible.

    Please adjust your plans in the downtown core. If your children attend school in the downtown area, please check with them to see if the school is open tomorrow.

    Avoid travel into the downtown core tomorrow.

    We are immensely proud of our police members and partners who have worked tirelessly to plan for and manage this demonstration over the past few days under difficult circumstances of extreme cold temperatures and difficult and challenging treatment from some demonstrators.

    Public safety remains our number one priority.

    – 30 –


    Media Relations Section

    Tel: 613-236-1222, ext. 5366


  6. city news -The potential political fallout from the protest convoy

    The House of Commons resumes sitting on Monday amid a tense situation on Parliament Hill.

    Caryn Ceolin with the politics behind the protest convoy and potential political fallout.

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  7. city news – Ottawa mayor to protesters: ‘Time to go back home’

    Criminal investigations are underway after monuments to Canadian heroes were desecrated during massive protests in Ottawa against vaccine mandates.

    Caryn Ceolin with the mayor’s message to protesters who show no signs of leaving.

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  8. ctv news – Shift in tone’: Day two of trucker convoy protests in Ottawa

    Police are investigating ‘desecration’ incidents on day two of the trucker convoy protest in Ottawa.

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  9. city news – Edmonton and St. Albert mayors criticize MP for presence at Ottawa protest

    The mayors of Edmonton and St. Albert say they are “troubled” by a photo of MP Michael Cooper, with a defaced Canadian flag with hate symbols in the background at the Ottawa “Freedom Rally” on Saturday.

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