Brazil: Not January 6th, Sri Lanka

Brazilians not accepting a stolen election and a communist leader installed, storm the Presidential Palace like Sri Lanka. (MSM of course claims it’s like Jan 6 in DC.)

(Stunning lies about Jan 6 and the comparison. This is more like Sri Lanka.)

The Independent:

Lula announced he will sign an emergency decree allowing the federal government to intervene and implement “any measures necessary” to bring order to the capital. The decree will remain in effect until Jan. 31.

In a live address, Lula said he is returning to Brasília to see the damage done by rioters. He said ex-president Bolsonaro’s discourse “stimulated” the attacks on the capital by questioning the integrity of institutions and the electoral process and vowed that those responsible for the attacks would be found, investigated and punished.

(US and Canada should watch closely. There is no doubt that both these once free nations will follow Brazil as its Maoism becomes uncloaked.)

More video at this Gettr link. 

It appears that Brazilians are attempting a full on counter-revolution. To be clear, the revolution was the stolen election and installation of a criminal communist into the highest office by a captured Supreme Court)

More video from Gettr

Gateway Pundit report:

This banner has it exactly right: “We Want the source Code!”

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Some items on Brazil from yesterday and today (December 11 & 12)

December 11th:

These three links are from December 11th and deal with the election fraud. They may or may not have English translation available yet.

December 12: Police Violently Assault and Arrest Indigenous Protest Leader Sererê in Brazil – His Wife Begs Authorities for Assistance! Protesters Surround Police Station! – VIDEO

To our readers: The international corporate media refuses to report on the massive uprising of millions in Brazil against the fraudulent presidential elections held at the end of October. The globalist press has decided that Bolsonaro must go, just like they decided that President Donald Trump must go.

The people of Brazil disagree. MILLIONS of protesters have taken to the streets of every major city for over 40 straight days.

On Monday night Indigenous Brazilian protest leader Cacique Sererê was violently assaulted and then taken away by police. Sererê has been leading protests against the communist takeover of the country.

December 12: “Justice is Rigged” – Brazil Election Breakdown: Officials Shut Down Website and Remove Evidence After It Was Exposed

Argentine data expert Fernando Cerimedo gave a worldwide presentation on the anomalies in the Brazilian presidential election. While there is no direct proof of fraud, the statistical anomalies are so egregious to demand a thorough investigation.

In his original report on Nov. 4. Cerimedo pointed out the discrepancies between pre-2020 voting machines and 2020 voting machines, which have internal memory and are auditable.

This video is from on or before November 27, 2022:

As the situation in Brazil becomes more and more serious, the media becomes more and more censorious. Fascinating that.

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Taking the country back: A new holiday for Canada and maybe after, the World

Clearly we cannot expect the elites to act in the interests of the public. The Catholic Church under Francis appears to be undermining all the precepts of that institution. They are doing so with a similar kind of humiliating set of deceptions and controls as are the political leaders. Both the Church and the State appear to be forcing a kind of Biblical apocalypse to take place. Note the order of the Four Horsemen from Revelations 6:7 which describes in this order, Plague, War, Famine and Death. This would appear to be a cycle one could cause. After a plague, one could start a war if one doesn’t naturally start as it would after a plague, which would likely cause a famine, or one could be engineered and then of course, a lot of death.

It occurs that perhaps, we need to retake the intellectual commons back as ours, which they were always meant to be.

Christmas is pretty much removed from Christianity, and often negated using the now all too familiar of the dialectic, ‘offensiveness to non-Christians’. Easter is more intact but mocked like it was in the Soviet Union. We can see what is happening with national holiday celebrations. Especially during the “2 weeks to flatten the curve”.

Why not start an annual Holiday on January 29th, the day the Freedom Convoy officially started.

The orthodox, or really dedicated, could celebrate Freedom day eve on the 28th by gathering at the local legislature and reminding the elite where the real power lies. All that takes is a lot of people who will not accept lies or obey unlawful orders and restrictions on their basic liberties. The video below is from Ottawa on the night before the Freedom Convoy was to begin. Actually we have other clips from the night before this, TWO days before the Convoy officially began, where already people had gathered at Parliament Hill in extreme cold and stood out on the sidewalks to let the Trudeau government know we were on to it.

People could take the day off work. Use a sick or vacation day, or just explain that its an actual religious/national holiday for you, and while you do not expect to be paid for it, you demand to be allowed not to work that day, and will fight back against any punishment levied against you should they try. I’m sure we could crowd fund a class action against government and employers who would not let you take that day off.

Eventually they would have to simply accept that we have created our own national holiday. And given the effects around the world, and even now in real time as I type, in Brazil, MILLIONS are lining the streets and countless trucks are shutting the country down till they allow a free and fair election.

The fix is in in Brazil. But maybe it won’t stick. Maybe, the Truckers and Amer-Indians in Brazil and all who are fighting back might force a fair election. And if that happens, maybe Americans, Canadians, the British can do the same.

Freedom Day. January 29 every year. A people’s holiday till they find a way to slime it away from us and make it a tool of tyrants. Then we start again.


Brazil Election website goes down right after audit

Comintern in mid coup to unseat Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, a fun-house mirror of the coup against Trump?

The journalist in the video below is likely not fully correct about the motive. There may be an element of stealing in the actions of the Brazilian supremes, but this looks a lot more like what is taking place in the US, where massive frauds were perpetrated to attempt a coup against President Trump while making it look like a legal procedure. Also much like the pseudo-legal prosecution of Marine Le Pen in France, where her parliamentary immunity was stripped post hoc, in order to prosecute her for publishing a short Islamic State video as proof of why her party did not want immigration of that ideology.

The same thing just happened to Matteo salvini where his immunity was stripped in order to prosecute him for his decision not to let a boatload of illegals dock which Marxist logic determined to be “kidnapping”.

And the eternal prosecution of Geert Wilders for actually doing his job in a democracy, which was to criticize the government’s immigration policy, which the government has deemed “racist” and Geert is now facing the same charge for the same remark I think for the FOURTH time. Another great argument for America’s double-jeopordy law in the 5th amendment.

The video below is another explanatory video of this significant event in Brazil. Remember, this must not be viewed as an isolated incident, but as part of a global policy against traditional, Nationalist, or non-Marxist politicians and influential people. In blunt, this is a global communist revolution taking place in a highly targeted manner and using corruption of existing systems, and even the creation of an anti-state to act against the state using the Marxist dialectic, Thesis, antithesis, solution. For a better understanding of that, Stephen Coughlin and Rich Higgins’ paper linked here makes it clear with some effort on the part of the reader.


Did north Korean and China work with the Brazilian Supreme Court to oust Bolsonaro?

This may turn out to be an enormous story. It seems very much like the attempted coup against President Trump in some ways, and also like the supra-legal methods employed against France’s Le Pen and Italy’s Salvini, both of whom had their parliamentary immunity revoked RETROACTIVELY in order to charge them for major crimes that are in fact, not crimes at all.

In fact they are just acting within the job description of opposition MPs.

There will be more on this coming. But the takeaway is likely that unprecedented extraordinary means will be used against all political leaders who are working against the global communist revolution. Monday or so we hope to publish the reporter’s actual statement. But the gist of it is in the video below. Thank you Jose Atento for the video and translation.

“An armed people shall never be enslaved”

This is an article by political blogger, Jose Atento, who is a watcher of all things in the Portuguese speaking world. In this case, the extraordinarily democratic words of Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, and the threat he faces from other branches of the legislature. 

Last time, I reported how the Brazilian Establishment was doing everything possible to overthrow Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro. At that time I mentioned the incident created by the early departure of Justice Minister Sergio Moro. Moro became a Brazilian national hero as the judge who led Operation Car Wash that put jailed powerful politicians and entrepreneurs, including former president Lula. Bolsonaro invited him to be his justice minster because Moro represented one of his causes: the fight against corruption.

Some pointed out that even though he was aligned with the fight against corruption, Moro was against some of Bolsonaro’s other positions. Contrary to Bolsonaro, Moro was in favor of abortion and in favor of disarming the population.

Let us jump to the present and the COVID-19 crisis. The Supreme Court, mostly composed of judges appointed during the 16 years of socialist rule, decided that the guidance, administration and control of how to tackle the pandemic was the responsibility of the state governors. One may argue that was correct, since public health is prerogative of states and municipalities, but, in practice, that made the federal government like the “Queen of England” whose only duty was to print money. Nonetheless, Bolsonaro made his opinion heard loud and clear, that, based on the Brazilian reality, where most of the population eat based on the money they make every day, the best approach would be a vertical lockdown of those in higher-risk groups (the elderly and those with health conditions); otherwise, the social consequences of the lockdown would be huge.

Some states, particularly those governed by the socialist Labour Party (PT) and the state of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, whose governors are pre-candidates for the 2022 presidential election, opted to force a full lockdown upon the population, calling it “social distancing.” Here comes the newspeak: everything was closed, and everyone told to stay at home, but it was not a lockdown. God knows what a lockdown would mean to them. At the same time, they began to bombard Bolsonaro with all sort of accusations, such as that he was anti-science, and the mainstream Brazilian media (that includes the newly created CNN-Brazil) blamed Bolsonaro for everything, even though his power had been removed by the Supreme Court.

Probably, the most outrageous of all was the way state and municipal police forces began to treat citizens who allegedly “disrespected social distancing” even if they were alone in an empty space. The brutality of a police-state became visible in videos that flooded social media (but not mainstream media) where working men, the elderly and women, even in bikinis, were brutally handcuffed and arrested. Meanwhile, governors are releasing criminals from jail, even drug-trafficking leaders and unrepentant rapists.

During this time of crisis, Justice Minister Moro resigned, claiming Bolsonaro was trying to interfere with the work of the Federal Police, even attempting to change some of its directors. Vague as this accusation was, as it is a constitutional prerogative of the president to appoint people to senior positions, the Establishment began to ask for Bolsonaro’s impeachment. Moro claimed that the content discussed during the last ministerial meeting would prove that. the Supreme Court opened an investigation based on Moro’s accusation, and requested the tape of the meeting.

Normally, Ministerial meetings are recorded, portions of them are kept, and the tape is destroyed. But in this case, Bolsonaro ordered the tape not to be destroyed, and handed the tape, unchanged, to the Supreme Court for analysis. To the surprise of many, one of the Supreme Court judges made the tape public last Thursday, just erasing the mention to one country, obviously China. This unprecedented action was an attempt to hurt Bolsonaro. It backfired.

The tape not only vindicated Bolsonaro against Moro’s accusations, but it was very good for Bolsonaro, as it showed him defending the positions that led to his election. It showed that Bolsonaro is the same person in public and in private. Indeed, character is what you do when no one is looking.

In the tape he complains to his ministers that he wants them to defend his positions: family, God, Brazil, guns, freedom of speech and the free market. And if any minister is not happy with that, they can leave the government.

Well, that is what Moro did a few days later, trying to create a crisis. He failed.

This tape is so powerful and so positive for Bolsonaro, that left-wing parties now are asking for its distribution to be censored.

Too late.

José Atento is a Brazilian blogger. He can be reached at

Excerpts of presser of Jair Bolsonaro where he speaks to individual rights


There is a related article in the works which will be posted when ready.

Meanwhile, why can’t Canada, and for that matter, all democracies not elect someone who cares about the rights of the individual, and the limits to government the way Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro does?

Listening to this man is like listening to Thomas Jefferson if he had spent a few years in the Navy.