ONE rational School Board Trustee

Hopefully soon, there will be a comprehensive look at what happened the night of the special session of the Ottawa Carleton District School Board meeting on reimplementing the Mandatory Mask requirements for students on November 22nd. We have a LOT of great footage and details on what took place that night. Details which also expose the MSM reporting as lies of omission to put it politely.

At one point, the whole thing was adjourned. Yes, because the crowd became noisy and ‘unruly’. But why they became that way, matters. More on that when the full story is out.

Meanwhile here is a little clip of the one Trustee who was rational throughout the entire process. She had the decency to come out and talk to individuals in the crowd during a recess, and after they cancelled the event altogether. One of the money quotes from here was something like, “Wouldn’t it be nice if sooner or later we started actually considering the children’s education”.

This clip was taken by another person in attendance. Consider it an hors d’oeuvre for the whole story to come.

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  1. My impression is that students with masks in class are more subdued, cooperative, quieter, attentive, and less likely to disrupt classtime. If that’s the case, perhaps someone should say something. It shouldn’t be a surprise if one thinks of schools where students have a dress code. The more formal the code, the better the students can regulate their own behavior.

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