There is a lot to know about this film and its maker, but for the moment:

Film written and directed by French Filmmaker
Gérard Boyadjian
Free English translation of original title: CAMEL # Don’t conflate !

“Pas d’Amalgame” is the Pavlov’s Dog response barked by the French authorities each time there is a terror attack. It could be seen as the French version of “nothing to do with the euphemistically referred to ‘religion of peace’ “.

Regarding “Camel”: In French, “Chameau” is used to describe a nasty person, because – rightly or wrongly – Camels have the reputation of being nasty.

From Oz-Rita with thanks.

More at Paris Notes


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6 Replies to “Camel”

  1. Bravo!
    Excellent video, and gutsy expression of free speech.
    Watching it, I thought, ‘finally they are waking up’.
    It was made in 2016.
    Thank you for translating it into English, it needs to go viral.

    Perhaps if I could hesitantly make a suggestion, as I know how much work is involved?

    If it was possible, and not already available, could it be subbed into German?

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