Part I of III of a documentary on West Europeans fleeing ancestral homelands to Non-Muslim East Europe

(One can still smell the contempt of the documentarian for the French who left for their own safety as being a traitor to his own suicide.)

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9 Replies to “Part I of III of a documentary on West Europeans fleeing ancestral homelands to Non-Muslim East Europe”

  1. Fantastic .infact those Belgians should not be accepted in Hungary
    They voted for what they had so they will bring in their disease to Eastern Europe

  2. The documentarian is lost, there is no way to red pill him, the ones that are fleeing to Hungary are the smart ones and the ones who are staying behind and preparing for war are the brave and smart ones. I knew that there would be some who were going to stay behind and fight for their home nations, I knew they existed but we don’t often hear about them, Partially this is because the Propaganda Media doesn’t want to cover them and partially because they are organizing what will turn into an illegal Army of Resistance. The smart ones will keep quite about what they are doing and make sure there aren’t any police spies in their groups.

  3. No mixing, oh the humanity! The horror! How dare they, hungarians, to like their culture and protect it too from the EU and all-knowing world elite.

  4. Wonderful for them, great for Hungary! Young family, eager to work, become part of a real community.
    The language is the only thing that would give me pause, but with young kids, there’s no question. People came to America with less, made America great.
    No question, that’s the future of Europe. Bless them all!

    • It’s true–the language is a beast. When I visited my cousins as a kid my aunt told me I wouldn’t be fed until I recited 20 new words every day before supper. It was just a light-hearted game. In playful spite ï took her up on it. You want words, I’ll give you words. So I memorized the most ridiculous words I could find in the dictionary. –Turned out to be a great strategy for learning. Hungarians girls got a kick out of hearing an english speaker ask if they’ve seen “…the strange brain of the blue tree frog in the sky of their dreams…”.

      I still remember a lot. Just don’t ask me to translate an Orban speech.

      These people will do fine. Their kids will grab the lingo and run with their parents piggy-backing. Every west European that Hungarians see settling in their midst will be an iron-clad third-party endorsement of Orban’s policies. And he will need this affirmation. Despite the msm propaganda, there remains a vigorous and powerful left both within the country, and within the diaspora. They hate Orban passionately. Like PTrump, he cannot win with some no matter his success. For example when a left-wing newspaper failed last year they all blamed it on his “illiberal” vendetta, never for a monent granting the possibility that a badly-run newspaper will not survive the internet age. The newspaper business is failing all over the world without Victor Orban, thank you very much.

      The back-stabbing lying commies can’t easily spin away the reasons for a young French family fleeing their homeland now, can they?

      • They’re just the beginning. Hungary’s going to be the beneficiary – at last. The most energetic, values-driven people will come. An infusion of human capital that the West is draining off.
        It’s exciting! Aliyah Hungary!

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