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10 Replies to “Many illegals sleep in the woods to avoid obeying immigration laws in France”

    • For gits and shiggles, I’ll post my reply to Fjordman’s erudite essay here for your dining and dancing pleasure. As always, his entire article is well worth reading.

      Yet following massive political and media pressure, Breivik was nevertheless declared sane during the trial in Oslo in 2012. This ruling is highly questionable. It was disputed by quite a few observers. The ruling elites wanted a sane, white terrorist to use as a tool to smear critics of Islamization and mass immigration.

      It is rather conspicuous as to how readily EU law enforcement regularly declares even the most calculating, cold-blooded jihadis to be “mentally ill”. Yet, when confronted with a White terrorist, they cheerfully ignore the most basic psychiatric protocols in their urgent haste to diagnose Breivik as “sane”.

      It could be argued that such an “Islamic Reformation” has already happened, with the foundation of organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood plus the terror networks al-Qaida and the Islamic State (ISIS). This was not a positive development, and not something we should wish for.

      It is tragic how so few people, political, military or otherwise, have even a slight understanding of this “reformation” that Qtub helped bring about within the Muslim Brotherhood.

      Moreover, Muslims are adults. They can and should fix their own problems in their own countries. They should not be allowed to export their problems to us and destroy our societies.

      There is no way of overstating this one simple fact. Muslims must chortle with glee at the sight of Western nations spending trillions of dollars in a futile effort to clean Islam’s house for them. In actuality, a nuclear sword of Damocles dangling above the ummah is all that Western nations are obliged to provide.

      Unfortunately, Scandinavians now find themselves living next to people from violent and clannish cultures with a far more cynical outlook. They view trust as a weakness and an invitation to exploitation and abuse. Aspects of our culture that used to be an asset have suddenly become a liability in a more hostile environment.

      At some point, this inclination to prey upon trusting people will become stigmatic to the point of incarceration or deportation. It is a criminal and predatory mindset that is immiscible with Western culture.

      It is doubtful whether the EU can be reformed. It probably needs to be completely dismantled.

      An inability to be properly reformed is something held in common by Islam and the EU. Similarly, the leadership of both groups warrant immediate trial, conviction, and permanent incarceration (or worse).

      Average citizens are not blameless for their plight. They have been too passive and too fixated on meaningless pursuits.

      As George Orwell observed:

      “A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims… but accomplices”

      It is noteworthy that European nations which endured generations of Communist repression also reject Multiculturalism and non-European mass immigration. Perhaps their negative experiences with Socialism has given them a healthy skepticism of ideological indoctrination and big social experiments.

      I do not think it would be too much of a reach to label Islam as another one of those “big social experiments”. Although trapped in its own amber—by having shut the door on ijtihad some 500 years ago—the intrusion of modern civilization and Islam’s concomitant imposition of itself upon the non-Muslim world is proving to be a sociological petri dish of the sort one would normally expect to find in Fort Detrick.

      It must be recognized that migration is inevitable and will not stop…

      Try telling that to Japan. Black Pigeon’s recent video, “Galapagos Nation” paints a picture very different from that of Sutherland and Guterres.

      Being called a “racist” in the West today is almost as bad as being called a “class traitor” under Communist regimes: The accusation alone makes you guilty.

      And, as with “Nazi”, “Islamophobia”, and “homophobia”, so too will the label “racist” soon enough lose any power to stigmatize. The only lasting stain will be upon those who so energetically abused these epithets to the point of stripping all meaning from them.

      If you import Arabs and Africans in large numbers you get Arab and African culture, not European culture.

      Not just their “culture” (or lack thereof), but a host of other societal traits will come trailing along like a skein of used toilet paper stuck to the heel of their collective shoe.

      Most especially terrorism and corruption, but also gang rapes, FGM, criminal violence, polygamy, inbreeding, child marriage, spousal abuse, antisocial behavior, plus a host of other disruptive practices that undermine (as you observed) social trust and cultural cohesion.

      This is the Big Lie of multiculturalism and the supposed “strength” of diversity. A nation’s population can only withstand so much diversity before it fragments in the face of totally disparate (and frequently incompatible) political, economic, religious, and moral goals. As you noted: “There is no historical precedent” which indicates “that one can replace a nation with a totally different set of people and expect to get the same result.” And, much like Humpty Dumpty, there is little expectation that, once-shattered, any modern national culture can be meaningfully reconstituted.

      Europeans have in the past achieved things that seemed impossible. If anybody can reclaim a homeland and reconquer a continent, it is the Europeans.

      Such optimism is both warranted and much-needed in this current atmosphere of Soviet-style demoralization.

      Regardless of the outcome of this struggle, Europe once again seems headed for a prolonged period of great turbulence.

      Of this there can be no doubt. Between Political Islam and the EU’s Authoritarian Socialism, these two unresponsive bullies are bringing upon themselves (and The Continent as a whole) an ever-increasing measure of violent conflict. The fact that these same two parties hold themselves totally unaccountable only serves to exacerbate the severity (i.e., butcher’s bill) of whatever chaos is sure to come.

    • Gorka on White House resignation: I want to support Trump from the outside

      Sebastian Gorka, MAGA Coalition chief strategist, on Trump’s comments about North Korea during his UN speech and why he resigned from the White House.

    • Thanks Xanthippa. Rarely have I heard a speech so mellifluous for its clarity. It should be a sticky post. I have drawn on the Mises Institute for much of my own reading for years, and found my way to Antal Fekete through it.

      Tampering with price mechanisms, hampering the flow and acquisition of capital, and the general idea that any elite group can manage a complex system efficiently can only stem from a tyrannical frame of mind. While the speech is quite dense in the first half the details are less important than the valuable parsing Reisman does.

      Explaining why exactly the Nazis were socialists from an economic perspective is EXACTLY correct. Forget all the ideological banter. The extent to which a political group wants to control price systems and private ownership is key.

      What did Obama tell us? Something like “…you didn’t do that…” while lecturing the American people on the roots of their success? That it was all government success? If that was not telltale of a true socialist at work I don’t know what was.

      The nominal private ownership of companies under Nazism! How clarifying. –Hampered markets as small business squirms and wiggles under the boot of regulation and tax. “Social Democracy” indeed! Seething anger against bureaucrats who arrogantly believe themselves to be a part of the actual creation of capital is quite justified.

      The economic models of western Europe and Canada are not socialism proper because are not yet willing to fully control property and prices. This doesn’t mean that if left unchecked they won’t try.

      • What did Obama tell us? Something like “…you didn’t do that…” while lecturing the American people on the roots of their success?

        Here ya go! A child of privilege and wealth repudiating small business owners (who create the vast majority of new jobs in America).

  1. Many illegals sleep in the woods to avoid obeying immigration laws in France

    And, just like the proverbial bear, the vast majority of these illegals are likely also sh!tting in the woods. You can bet that any nearby streams will test positive for giardia lamblia due to these devout Muslims washing their posteriors in them after defecating.

    Yet another Islamic gift that just keeps on giving.

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