Tarek Fatah responds to a Canadian Senator on matters of Islam and national security.

For those who have wondered what sanctimony sounds like, and that would be people who have never visited Canada or gone to a university in the past couple of decades, listen to how a Canadian senator speaks to Tarek Fatah who agreed to speak to a special Senate committee on Islam, terrorism and National Security in Ottawa Yesterday.

This senator was choking on his own moral outrage and so desperate to advertise his moral superiority over Tarek Fatah that he actually admonished him not to interrupt his dressing down of Mr. Fatah although he was just sitting there quietly at the time.

However I think the part of this to take home is the part where Mr. Fatah reminds us all that there is a compulsory prayer in every mosque world wide every Friday which is begging Allah to help the Muslims militarily defeat the Christians and the Jews.

For those who have the time, the entire session, about 3 hours, can be seen here. 

(click ‘view this clip’ and select option)

However I expect to be posting excerpts here and there as time permits.

Tarek Fatah: ‘Where are all the artists who oppose totalitarianism today?’

Where are the Charlie Chaplins of today, prepared to mock today’s Hitler (Ahmadinejad and Nasrallah); today’s Nazism (Islamism)? Dammit, we can’t even have congressional hearings into the cancer Islamism has planted within us as a cancer. Here is from the time when men were men.

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