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25 Replies to “Tarek Fatah makes some points worth thinking on”

  1. Vatican calls on Muslim leaders to condemn Christian persecution in Iraq

    Statement suggests dialogue with Islamic representatives may be cut if leaders fail to denounce crimes in name of religion


    Vatican to Muslim Leaders: Denounce Massacre of Christians and Yazidis in Iraq


  2. Masked Gunmen Kill Police Chief in Libya’s Capital (abcnews, Aug 12, 2014)

    “Masked armed men killed the police chief of Libya’s capital Tuesday, the Interior Ministry said, amid an ongoing battle for the city’s international airport.

    As militia violence raged throughout the country, lawmakers voted Tuesday for a measure that would have the country’s president elected in a direct, popular vote — a first for the North African nation.

    Authorities found the police chief, Col. Mohammed Sweissi, dead in Tripoli, ministry spokesman Rami Kaal told The Associated Press. A ministry statement said masked gunmen attacked him after he left a meeting in Tripoli’s Tajoura neighborhood and also kidnapped two of his associates.

    The killing comes as militias from western city of Misrata and their Islamist allies battle a militia from the mountain town of Zintan over the airport. The two militias played key roles in the overthrow of dictator Moammar Gadhafi in Libya’s 2011 civil war….”

  3. Very meaty interview. My take-away:

    Iraq no longer exists. Get over it. Kerry’s call to Iraqis is like calling for Peter Pan’s minions to take care of Atlantis.

    We’ve outsourced our intelligence operations. So we listen to Saudis, Pakis, etc. Or agents of who knows whom.

    If Qatar and Turkey are indeed our allies, they should shut this thing down; it’s clearly not in our interest!!

    They’re doing just the opposite. So let’s step back, see what’s happening now, and revise our strategy.

    The Kurds are the strongest, most stable force on the ground. Have been for quite a while. They should be made our allies. We should be giving them material support.

    • With this President? The only chance the Kurds have of winning our support is for Obama to be out of office and the Dems lose control of the Senate.

      • Look at the way the left had corrupted our own intel agencies, he had to outsource, then the left got their hooks into the analysts and twisted the data or ignored the possible agenda conflict. You need to learn more history, especially recent history and preferably from non politically correct sources.

    • Not that we should jump into bed whole-heartedly with the Kurds.

      Especially with respect to intelligence. Anything you’d rather Iran didn’t know, for example, you’d best not share with the Kurds. There are other caveats any good stateman should respect, but – alas! – there are so few of them on our side.

  4. Asian is a term only used in the uk . it only refers to people from the indian sub-continent . Sikh/hindu/bangledesh/Pakistan . all others are refered to as south east Asian , korea/japan/thai/malay. etc [ed uk ] ” but remember the term Asian in the uk is the government and police code for muslims “

  5. Tarek Fatah is very wrong when he said outsourcing of intelligence is what you get if you don’t let government do it. Yes, the government circumvented the law using outsourcing but it WAS government that hired the outsourcing.

    Forcing government to be limited is the ONLY answer. They clearly were not legally allowed to hire the outsourcing in the first place. Why is that hard to understand?

    • I’m not sure I understand what difference it makes where or how the government gets its intel if the government itself is so compromised by Muslims and Islam-enablers and so corrupted by Gulf oil money that it will simply not act against those interests whatever the quality of information it gets.

    • It isn’t the outsourcing, it is blindly believing the outsourced info, they forgot (possibly because the left was screaming so loud) that any source has its own agenda. Learn to question all info from other nations because of their possible agenda conflict. Here on Vlad Tepes we do this all the time when we question the honesty or agenda purpose of the news from the left.

      Don’t stop the out sourcing simply learn to question what the possible agenda is, don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.

    • I wish we still had people like Steven Coughlin and Claire Lopez working inside the government. We should have people we can trust inside; I’m not altogether comfortable about outsourcing intell.

      But as you say, Don, those inside are so compromised at so many levels, it almost makes no difference.

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