Tarek Fatah responds to a Canadian Senator on matters of Islam and national security.

For those who have wondered what sanctimony sounds like, and that would be people who have never visited Canada or gone to a university in the past couple of decades, listen to how a Canadian senator speaks to Tarek Fatah who agreed to speak to a special Senate committee on Islam, terrorism and National Security in Ottawa Yesterday.

This senator was choking on his own moral outrage and so desperate to advertise his moral superiority over Tarek Fatah that he actually admonished him not to interrupt his dressing down of Mr. Fatah although he was just sitting there quietly at the time.

However I think the part of this to take home is the part where Mr. Fatah reminds us all that there is a compulsory prayer in every mosque world wide every Friday which is begging Allah to help the Muslims militarily defeat the Christians and the Jews.

For those who have the time, the entire session, about 3 hours, can be seen here. 

(click ‘view this clip’ and select option)

However I expect to be posting excerpts here and there as time permits.

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15 Replies to “Tarek Fatah responds to a Canadian Senator on matters of Islam and national security.”

  1. YAY, Tarek Fatah is great!!!
    but what is the name of that dhimmi senator? It would be good to know his name, just to send him an e-mail expressing my disgust and some excerpts from Quran.

    • Tarek Fatah has to reach those who remain with a conscience still intact. Those who were violently disturbed by the female turned to Allah, those submitting to her will embraced her identity to walk in her shoes. Tarek Fatah, hated by The Right and by The Left. Those imprinted by the world and demand to control the minds of your children

  2. Yemen: Hostages freed from al Qaeda captors (CNN, Nov 25, 2014)

    “Security forces early Tuesday rescued seven Yemeni hostages who had been held by alleged al Qaeda operatives in Yemen, according to Yemeni government sources.

    The forces killed seven al Qaeda operatives in the raid to free the hostages, Yemen’s official SABA news agency reported.

    Information on where the raid took place and how long the captors had the hostages wasn’t immediately available. The identities of the hostages and details about what led to their abductions also weren’t released.

    “The operation was successful and resulted in the liberation of all the hostages,” Yemen’s Supreme Security Committee said, according to SABA.”

  3. UN: 12.2 Million Syrians Need Humanitarian Help (abcnews, Nov 25, 2014)

    “An estimated 12.2 million Syrians need assistance because of increasing violence and deteriorating conditions in the country, up from 10.8 million in July, the U.N. humanitarian chief said Tuesday.

    But Valerie Amos told the U.N. Security Council that the delivery of aid from Turkey and Jordan to rebel-held areas in Syria without government approval has “made a difference.” She urged the council to extend the authorization for cross-border aid which expires on Jan. 9.

    Amos painted a grim picture of the worsening situation in Syria: a 40 percent contraction in the economy since 2011, three-quarters of the population living in poverty, a 50 percent drop in school attendance, and 7.6 million people displaced inside the country and 3.2 million who have fled to other countries ? the largest displacement in any conflict….”

  4. Syria conflict: Raqqa air strikes ‘kill dozens’ (BBC, Nov 25, 2014)

    “At least 36 civilians have been killed in air strikes by Syrian government warplanes on the Islamic State-held northern city of Raqqa, activists say. Most of the casualties were caused by two strikes in quick succession on an industrial area, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported. One opposition activist network said more than 80 people had died. Syrian government and US-led coalition aircraft frequently bomb Raqqa, which IS has made into a stronghold….”

  5. Bangladesh ‘Hajj critic’ AL Siddique is arrested (BBC, Nov 25, 2014)

    “A senior Bangladeshi politician who criticised the annual Hajj pilgrimage made by Muslims to Mecca has been arrested in Dhaka.

    Abdul Latif Siddique was denied bail and sent to jail on charges of insulting Islam.

    Mr Siddique returned from India on Sunday after a long trip abroad.

    Calls for his arrest came after he told a gathering in New York in September that he was “dead against the Hajj”. He was subsequently sacked as a minister.

    His comments triggered an angry reaction among hard line Islamist parties, who staged protests.

    They and other opposition political parties demanded the former telecommunication minister’s immediate arrest….”

  6. I like Tarek Fatah a lot more as of this morning. I wonder if he might not soon abandon his crappy ‘state of Islam’ altogether and become a full-fledged kafir.

  7. Wow, what got into him?

    A few years ago he was still defending the profit of Islam and claimed Aisha was older. Looks like he came in from the cold. But the Canucki dimbulb requires hard yakka….or perhaps just a real good kick in the ass.

    • I think after streaming and recording the section with Tarek that its likely he is merely changing tactics… as an example he said that maybe only 1 in 1,000 muslims are radacle… that ignores all western polls about what muslims agree with, ie sharia, death to apostates, prosecuting those who criticise islam, and jihad being an acceptable act etc etc.

      He made some valid points including about how the government/police etc only dealt with muslims.. ie in talks, consulting etc that are radicle types..

      2nd muslim speaker mentioned (in reply) about yes he knew of other religions that had problems in the past and that islam would do the same (become nicer.. he was aluding too) in around 100 years…. So ALARM BELL WITH THAT ONE!

      2nd muslim speaker also mentioned different muslim countries where the enemy, “islamism” comes from… HE MADE NO MENTION THAT ITS IN ISLAMS MAINSTREAM BOOKS… MORE ALARM BELLS!

      On the other side, the non muslim interviewers are clueless about islam!

      And one woman stressed twice that she is not singling out islam but is on about all religions/fundamentism which she seemed to equally blame.

      Oh yes all those buddhist, taoist, christian terrorsts that are in the news every day for killing people NOT!!!

  8. I, for one, am curious about this Friday prayer.

    How is it different from the recitation of al Fatiha? The Fatiha (Opening) is the first sura (chapter) of the Qur’an and most common prayer of Islam. A pious Muslim who prays the five requisite daily prayers of Islam will recite the Fatiha seventeen times in the course of those prayers.

    From Wafa Sultan’s book “A God Who Hates” pg. 168:

    “A Muslim prays five times a day, and on each occasion he recites the Fatiha, the first verse of the Koran, a number of times. This verse describes Christians as “those who have gone astray” and Jews as “those who have incurred Your wrath.” We see from this that Muslims ‘execrate’ Christians and Jews a number of times in the course of a single prayer, which they repeat five times a day.”

    ‘execrate’ – an enlightening term . . .let’s explore, shall we?
    via dictionary.com

    ‘execrate’ – verb
    1. to detest utterly; abhor; abominate.
    2. to curse; imprecate evil upon; damn; denounce:
    He execrated all who opposed him.

    In any situation where the fatiha is recited, there is absolutely no interest in building bridges or extending tolerance. They are however fully intent on gaining exceptional degrees of tolerance from all non-believers. When it comes to Islam, tolerance is a one way street.

    Believe it or else.

    Lan astaslem.

      • Depends on who you think is far right, I think the radical libertarians are the far right and they aren’t usually cold and miserable.

        • Yes to me, far right are libertarians. The ultimate live and let live and muscular Jeffersonian liberals. While I don’t agree with them on everything, especially isolationist foreign policies which doom great nations, i would infinity prefer to see far right rule than far left.

          One might argue that the credo of the far right would be,

          ‘Govern yourself accordingly’.

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