Tarek Fatah leads protest against Muslim Brotherhood convention in Toronto yesterday

This is fascinating.

Published on Dec 28, 2014

Secular and liberal Muslims protested outside the Metro Convention Centre in downtown Toronto where 10,000 + Muslim youth were being brainwashed by the ‘Who is who’ of the World Islamist Movement.

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  1. Iran’s supreme leader vilifies U.S. police on Twitter, says (CNN, Dec 29, 2014)

    “In a series of blunt tweets over the holiday weekend, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei entered America’s debate on race and police violence — comparing unrest in states like New York and Missouri to conflicts in the Middle East. On Sunday he tweeted: “#Jesus endured sufferings to oppose tyrants who had put humans in hell in this world& the hereafter while he backed the oppressed. ”

    Ali Khamenei, the country’s chief political and religious authority, acknowledged the role of Jesus in Islamic theology and compared the biblical prophet’s struggle to that of black people in the United States. The tweet included , a hashtag popularized in recent weeks by supporters of Eric Garner, a 43-year old African-American man that died after being put in a chokehold by a NYPD officer.

    It read: “It’s expected that followers of follow him in his fight against arrogants and in his support for the oppressed. ” On Christmas Eve, the Ayatollah lumped the struggle of Palestinians in the Gaza strip with protests in Ferguson, Missouri, where black teenager Michael Brown was shot dead by police, and called on members of all three monotheistic faiths to stand-up against oppression…”

    • A clear cut case of the ‘kettle calling the pot black’. The Iranian leader should be the last on earth to accuse anyone or nation of oppression, discrimination, or bias. He should look in the mirror and around his own nation.

  2. It is fascinating.

    I thought Tarek Fatah failed in his effort to distinguish Islam from this thing called ‘Islamism’ in his book, Chasing a Mirage, in which he tries to suggest that 1,400 years of Islamic history have all been an unfortunate misunderstanding:

    ‘Nowhere in the Quran does God suggest that an Islamic government be set up after Muhammed’s death. Nowhere does Muhammad, in all of the hadith, or his collected sayings, speak of an Islamic State.’

    What Mo actually taught, according to Tarek, was that Muslims should enter ‘a state of Islam.’ Muslims being in ‘a state of Islam’ is good for the rest of us since ‘equity and social justice run through every fibre and gene of the Muslim psyche.’

    I have no idea whether Tarek honestly believes that. If anyone reading here does, I have this great bridge for sale they might be interested in.

    • yep, something stinky with our Tarek, try nailing him down on the Israel question, or ask him how old alisha was when she was raped by mohamed. and i have this nagging gut feeling, i wish it wasn’t so as he seems to be the only outspoken moderate.

  3. Iraq suicide bomber was treated in Spain

    A Libyan suicide bomber who carried out an attack in the name of Isis in October in Iraq received medical treatment in Spain, prompting fears that others who were radicalized after being treated in the country could carry out attacks on Spanish soil.

    He was one of the first 52 Libyans to arrive in Spain in the midst of intense fighting in the North African country, having been flown to Spain by the Spanish state Agency for International Development Cooperation (Aecid).


  4. Ebola patient moved from Scotland to London as 2 more possible cases are tested (CNN, Dec 30, 2014)

    “A health care worker who was diagnosed with the Ebola virus after returning to Scotland from Sierra Leone was transferred early Tuesday to the Royal Free Hospital in London. The woman was working with Save the Children at an Ebola treatment center in Sierra Leone, according to Michael von Bertele, humanitarian director at that organization. She traveled via Casablanca, Morocco, and London Heathrow Airport before arriving at Glasgow Airport on a British Airways flight late Sunday night, the Scottish health agency NHS Scotland said…”

  5. First Ebola boy likely infected by playing with bats (BBC, Dec 30, 2014)

    “The Ebola victim who is believed to have triggered the current outbreak – a two-year-old boy called Emile Ouamouno from Guinea – may have been infected by playing in a hollow tree housing a colony of bats, say scientists. They made the connection on an expedition to the boy’s village, Meliandou. They took samples and chatted to locals to find out more about Ebola’s source. The team’s findings are published in EMBO Molecular Medicine.

    Meliandou is a small village of 31 houses. It sits deep within the Guinean forest region, surrounded by towering reeds and oil palm cultivations – these are believed to have attracted the fruit bats carrying the virus passed on to Emile. During their four-week field trip in April 2014, Dr Fabian Leendertz and colleagues found a large tree stump situated about 50m from Emile’s home.

    Villagers reported that children used to play frequently in the hollow tree. Emile – who died of Ebola in December 2013 – used to play there, according to his friends. The villagers said that the tree burned on March 24, 2014 and that once the tree caught fire, there issued a “rain of bats”.

    A large number of these insectivorous free-tailed bats – Mops condylurus in Latin – were collected by the villagers for food, but disposed of the next day after a government-led ban on bushmeat consumption was announced. While bushmeat is thought to be a possible source of Ebola, the scientists believe it didn’t trigger the outbreak. Instead, it was Emile’s exposure to the bats and their droppings as he played with his friends in the hollowed tree…”

  6. Iraqi forces ‘recapture Dhuluiya from Islamic State’ (BBC, Dec 30, 2014)

    “Iraqi government forces and allied Shia militia have recaptured the town of Dhuluiya, north of Baghdad, from Islamic State, security sources say. One source at the Iraqi army’s Samarra Operations Command said almost 300 IS fighters had been killed in the battle. There has been no independent confirmation of the reports.

    IS fighters seized the northern half of Dhuluiya in June and surrounded the southern half after a local Sunni tribe refused to swear allegiance. Since then, government forces backed by US-led air strikes have been gradually pushing back the jihadists north and west of the capital. The operation to break Islamic State’s grip on Dhuluiya began on Sunday with air raids by Iraqi helicopter and fighter jets, police and locals said…”

  7. Bahrain Wefaq chief Salman held ‘for promoting violence’ (BBC, Dec 30, 2014)

    “Bahraini Shia opposition leader Sheikh Ali Salman has been remanded in custody on suspicion of inciting violence and hatred to achieve political change. Attorney General Nayef Yousef Mahmoud said the head of the al-Wefaq political society would be detained pending further investigation by prosecutors. The charges relate to a series of recent statements by Sheikh Salman.

    News of the cleric’s arrest on Sunday triggered protests in Shia villages across the Sunni-ruled Gulf kingdom. A leading opposition activist, Maryam al-Khawaja, said the move was a very serious escalation of the continuing crisis in Bahrain…”

  8. Migrant in this context apparently means illegal immigrant and mafia-like organized crime operations…

    ‘Migrant ship’ in distress off Corfu (BBC, Dec 30, 2014)

    “A cargo ship believed to be carrying hundreds of migrants has sent out a distress signal near the Greek island of Corfu, reports say. A passenger on the Blue Sky M said there were armed people on board the ship, Greek media reported. The Greek navy has sent a helicopter and a warship to the scene, south of the small island of Othonoi. The incident comes two days after a fire broke out on a ferry not far away, leaving at least 10 people dead.

    Resources have been diverted to the cargo ship from the ongoing search near the wreck of the ferry, Norman Atlantic. Greek coast guard special missions officers were also seen leaving Corfu for the area. Abrupt turn The Moldovan-flagged Blue Sky M was reportedly heading for the port of Rijeka in Croatia. But according to tracking website MarineTraffic, the ship abruptly changed direction south of Othonoi on Tuesday morning, heading west towards Italy. Its last position was reported south-west of Othonoi at 10:52 GMT.

    Greek television reports suggested that armed men were on board the boat, previously known as the Bushra Pride. Weather conditions in the Ionian sea have been poor for several days, hampering the rescue of those on board the Norman Atlantic. The Greek frigate Navarino had been assisting that rescue operation before being redeployed to deal with the latest incident.”

  9. Two men held in Bedfordshire over terror offences (BBC, Dec 30, 2014)

    “Two men have been arrested in Bedfordshire on suspicion of terrorism-related offences, police have said. Raids were made at two addresses in Bedford on Monday morning by the East Counter Terrorism Investigation Unit. The two men are in their mid-20s and were taken to Greyfriars Police Station in Bedford where they were interviewed and later released on police bail pending further inquiries. Some items were seized at the two properties, police said.

    The raids came a fortnight after two other men were arrested in Luton on suspicion of supporting a banned organisation. A woman was also arrested in Bedfordshire on 22 October on suspicion of terror offences linked to the conflict in Syria. The 25-year-old, detained on suspicion of the preparation of terrorist acts, was bailed until early February pending further inquiries.”

  10. Thomas Mulcair’s message to the “Reviving the Islamic Spirit” convention in Toronto

    from the youtube page :

    Excellent message from Federal Leader of the Opposition, Tom Mulcair’s to RIS- Reviving the Islamic Spirit 2014. A grand annual Islamic Convention that happens in Toronto for past 13 years attracting over 40, 000 people and renowned scholars from around the globe.

    The NDP is actually delivering on the issues important to you. This is in stark contrast to the decades of platitudes and false hopes we have become used to by the other parties. The video message above demonstrates that your concerns are heard by Canada’s New Democrats and we are in fact taking action on your behalf.

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