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3 Replies to “Michael Coren interviews Tarek Fatah on Ikhwan, and Obama’s naiveté”

  1. This isn’t naiveté. It is the willfull and purposeful destruction of western civilization by these nihilists. When Newsweek’s 22 November 2010 cover depicted Obama as Lord Shiva doing the dance of death we knew the Left know’s exactly what this is all about. If anyone is expecting murderers and liars to tell them what is about to happen to them, then they’ll be herded onto the cattle cars and into the gas chambers and then tossed into the ovens just like the others in the past have. Because people could never do such things to other people, right? Yeah, right!

  2. Roopods6 you are right, the far left can’t take over the world until western civilization is destroyed, they are doing everything they can to destroy the west so they can take over. They are using the Moslems thinking that they can control them after the west is destroyed.

    What is coming is a three sided fight with all three sides fighter the others, those of us who support freedom are at a disadvantage because the useful idiots refuse to accept the fact that the left is out to destroy us.

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