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2 Replies to “Tarek Fatah and Ezra Levant on the threat to Canada by jihadis and more inequities of islam”

  1. Yes, Tarek Fatah is a sell-out. Why can’t he get any imam to sell out along with him? Why won’t all those other ‘thinking Mohammedans’ disavow 14 centuries of Mohammedan history and scholarship and law, in other words abandon everything that makes Moh-ism Moh-ism, and become a phony Moh like he is? They are being true to themselves in their way. Having sold out, Fatah should get out. He’s an apostate already.

  2. It is a discussion about the path to Islam. It is entered by every Muslim as a child, and therefore would be no different for the Kufar. There is no revelation or enlightenment, but subjugation and delightenment of the unrestrained animal-senses awoken.

    The Imam knows this, the same as the men outside Lot’s house in Gomorrah pressuring by intimidation his guests to submit their bodies over to them. That John, an evolved North Hemisphere White, to join them is the glory of the lesser beings such as these. Such people who cannot control their emotions, as say a Rottweiler compaired to the intelligence of a labrador, obviously distinct and bears no argument to either’s trainability and adaptability, (barring exceptions in either breed), should be pitied for their lack of imagination and insight, but never considered equal to the eqalitarian religions from higher cultures.

    That you keep Muslims shackled by Islam or give them the slave’s religion of Christianity is a moot point, where one culture shook it off and another embraced it, as both are fatalistic about this world awaiting for the next to bring destruction and everlasting torment on the unbeliever as rich compensation in their hearts, so it would be like giving the rottweiler the house keys and expect them to be able to run it on their own; they can’t, they need someone to direct them, thus all they can plan is the downfall and demise of somebody else.

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