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3 Replies to “Michael Coren and Tarek Fatah discuss the Yemeni burka burning event”

  1. Blaming others is a tradition of the lefties and muzzies. They share a lot in common including wanting to control you. They fear individuals, atomised by modern society. Just like racists who want to control who you see and hang out with, the one thing these people have in common is the desire for you to be controlled in some way. As for blaming Obama, I kinda know he is sleazy muslim but for all that, just like Bush, his every action in support of Islam only makes things worse for the muzzies. We should thank Bush and Obama for somehow always making it worse for the muzzies. Between them they have trashed three muslim countries: Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Lybia. What next?!
    Trashing a muzzie country is an expensive business but the downward trend of these countries and the upward trend of the rest of the world means in the long term a macro change whereby the muzzies sink further into poverty and ignorance and the rest of the world leaves them behind wanting to purchase food and water. We can thank Obama and Bush for speeding the destruction of our enemies along (albeit unwittingly).

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