South Africa, how the plan is going down

This video has more substance than speculation. A refreshing change. So here is some speculation to fill the gap.

Whatever forces are behind SO much of the chaos and horror and deceit we see around the world today, (COMINTERN) seem to have used the South African violence, or created it, to do some pretty organized violent revolutionary actions. Looting stores for things of particular use for a militia/army and leaving those stores open, in fact directing crowds of looters to them to empty any consumer goods after the fact, that took some thought and planning. This is a worthwhile watch, if for no other reason to give food for thought about what happens when similar things happen near you.

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Dealing with looters

South Africa rapidly becoming as dangerous and awful as that other communist hellhole, Portland.


Julius Malema accusing Jews (semitic people) of training white right wingers to be snipers.


South Africa about to become the new Zimbabwe

Of course this will result in millions of people who have to be fed and housed and medically treated by the exact people they are destroying. Prepare for the next big ‘victim group’ of migrants. Black South Africans.

Even though they created the problem that will provide impetus for them to move to Europe and North America.

Katie Hopkins has been detained in South Africa on race hate charges

This however is not a race hate event. The president of South Africa and many of his top military people singing “kill the white man”.

And Nelson Mandela singing a similar song. Not a hate crime.

German National Television: Europeans Will Become Refugees, Too – As Right Extremists Take Over

German national TV ARD suggest that in the near future, Europeans will have to flee Europe, as the continent sinks into tyranny and chaos, because of – right extremism.

From German national broadcaster ARD’s website:

The feature film “Departure Into The Unknown” (WDR/ARD Degeto), to be aired on Wednesday, Feb. 14., 2018, at 8:15 PM, depicts the fate of a family who flees from persecution by a totalitarian system, from an unusual perspective:
In the near future, Europe has sunken into chaos. Right Extremists have seized power in many countries. The democratic country that Germany once was has become a totalitarian system that persecutes dissenters, Muslims and homosexuals. Jan Schneider (Fabian Busch) is a lawyer who has taken sides with the victims of dispossession. But when he learns that the regime wants to jail him again, he makes up his mind to flee. His aim is the Southern African Union, which has seen an economic boom and enjoys political and economic stability. A freight ship is supposed to take him, his wife Sarah (Maria Simon) and the two children Nora (Athena Strates) and Nick (Ben Gertz) and other refugees to Cape Town, but the traffickers abandon their passengers in way too small dinghies before the Namibian shore.

Impressive pictures that were created under the direction of Kai Wessel after a script by Eva Zahn, Volker A. Zahn, Gabriela Zerhau.
“Departure Into The Unknown” is a Hager Moss Film production in a German-South African co-production, with Two Oceans Production, commissioned by the Westdeutscher Rundfunk Köln and ARD Degeto for Das Erste1, subsidized by the FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, the Department of Trade and Industry South Africa (dti), and the national film and video foundation South Africa (nfvf).

Editors: Sophie Seitz (WDR) and Christine Strobl (ARD Degeto)2

The subsequent talk show “Maischberger” at 9:45 PM will devote itself to this perspective, too.

Translator’s notes:
Two important details:

1 In other words, the film is fully financed by the German and South African government.

2 Christine Strobl, the chief executive of national television company ARD Degeto, is the daughter of German finance minister Schäuble. Schäuble is an old confidant of Angela Merkel. He warned against Europe shielding itself against Muslim mass immigration from Northern Africa and the Middle East: “Such shielding would destroy us, would make us degenerate in incest.” (Der Tagesspiegel June 08., 2016)