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  1. It’s chilling.. We spent 2 years there between 91-93 and loved the place enough to apply for permanent residence. When it became apparent that Mandela’s party is going to win, we left a month before the elections. We knew it is going to be bad, revolutions led by marxists always end up in oppression and suffering , but the reality exceeded out worst expectations. The women in the video talks about leaving – I hope she has a place that will take her and her family and they are actually allowed to leave.. Knowing South Africans, they will probably stay and fight. And die.

      • No they are not. You are being far too kind. IMO they are cultural, racial and national traitors and should be treated as such for their role here. I will spare you the list of friends barbarously murdered serving humanity or their god in Africa at the behest of such lunatic bleeding hearts but I would not give that continent one cent and I would take all whites out of it(yes even the arrogant Afrikaaners) and place them far from African harm. But The Left will block this as they do not wish any further concentrations of white non muslims in the west.
        Di Caprio’s TIA doesn’t mean that you have to endure it.

  2. Can you see the headlines?>>> ”
    “Four whites accused of massacring 100 Africans on their farm. The crimin….ooops accused asserted that they, without provocation, had been attacked with weapons by the Africans who relatives assure us were only there seeking work and were unarmed. The scene of the massacre showed a collection of machetes, knives, shotguns and even a few AKs supposedly taken from the poor would be workers but police suspect this is fake evidence and that the action was nothing but organized genocide by whites”.

    • This is the old breed coming out in South Africa, the people who are fighting are fit descendants of the people who turned South Africa into a paradise, a paradise with feet of clay but all humans have feet of clay. The Old Breed (if they can get funding to get weapons on the black market) can make the price of kicking them out of South Africa much, much higher then anyone wants to pay. Some are desperate and some are mad but all are a force that shouldn’t be down rated.

      • I pray you are right: just to see some substantial group, somewhere, anywhere, stand up with strength against the forces of multiculturalism, globalism, islam and marxism … would be extremely encouraging (especially for someone in a country like the UK or Canada which is surrendering with barely a whimper – so far at least).

        • It takes a leader or it takes great fear for to start a violent revolution. The US revolution started without a leader and people started running to get in front saying follow me. The US almost had another one start at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada but the government backed off. (That stand off may be why the super rich left are pouring money into gun control candidates for the 18 election) These videos from South Africa are showing groups of men and women who are like those who went to the Bundy Ranch to watch and wait. The big difference is this time the government isn’t going to back off. They have weapons, skill and orginization and a history of militia actions. Remember it was the Boer Commandos that gave us that word for special operations. Don’t down grade them by thinking they can’t do anything. Groups of men like them carved what use to be civilizaed nations out of howling wilderness with help they can do it again.

      • As a child we had a farming neighbour whose father/grandfather etc, trekked to the Transvaal fighting the ?Matabele all of the way and the stories seemed like something out if Rorkes drift and frankly even as child I found it hard to swallow. But looking at it as a teenager and digging it via memoirs told me that it was true. Where have all the gonads gone? Taken by the Left everyone. I just hope that our own traitors leave them alone.

        • They won’t, just as the traitors in the US and Canada will not let us alone was we fight to ensure the survival of freedom in the US.

        • No those stories were real, they are part of history and should be remembered (please write them down for the future generations). Some of the men aren’t suited for life in the modern era, like Yucki says we are seeing the beginning of the culling of the species. When the dust settles you are going to find a very different world. I am old enough and know enough history to know that it will take several medical miracles to live long enough to see the end of the war.

          • My doctor is an immigrant from South Africa to Canada…

            He played a role in saving my life most assuredly and has a clinic that is exceptional serving the Winnipeg community.

            I asked him on my last visit to his clinic if he had family still there. He didn’t answer with yes or get angry, he instead talked about the history of those fomenting the actions against whites.

            He didn’t act irate or dismissive of those enacting the “reverse racism”, but instead basically said history will repeat itself, Zimbabwe all over again.

            He made sure I understood the history of South Africa… the people enacting the “reverse racism” are immigrants themselves as they came for jobs and the promise of a better life from Central Africa, they weren’t original South African tribes.

            He was resigned to the inevitable destruction of what the Afrikaners had created and too what it would become. He wouldn’t say the words in his mind to describe what it would become… he wouldn’t speak it. So I interjected, sort of paraphrasing, and I said “a shithole”. With a hesitation and regret he nodded his head and said quietly “yes, a shithole”…

            So this is what happens in our new progressive societies… destruction a western society based on idealism… even if it is misplaced and hateful.

            God help us all…

              • By who exactly….?

                By the Engineers that have left and aren’t coming back ?

                By the farmers that got killed or chased out and aren’t coming back ?

                By any of the so called evil white people who aren’t coming back ?

                It can be rebuilt in an alternate universe, but no one who cared will care again. So unlikely to be rebuilt.

                • Not there.
                  Not likely, as you say in this universe.

                  But countries that fall in the West – if they fall to such barbarians – they will be rebuilt. That’s what history teaches, anyway.

                  • It is whether it is built by humans or the species that supersedes us that matters. IMHO we are not the first major civilizational species on this planet as archaeology has ignored far too many inexplicable artefacts.

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