Dealing with looters

South Africa rapidly becoming as dangerous and awful as that other communist hellhole, Portland.


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      • It is also interesting that when I wrote the name of the Mu_sli.m battle cry ( without dots in the above comment (by ‘Eye Witness’) Wor.dpr_ess did not let it go through! My comment just di.sappe.ared when I tried to post it as if it had never been written — it did not go into the “awa.iting mode.ration” category.

        • It is also interesting that I do not have as much control of my own site as I would expect to have. There have been times where I had to write to akismet to asK them why some people leave links to Bitchute videos and they arent even held for moderation. I had to work with readers of this site to try and find work-arounds. Eventually, we did manage to allow the links through. Its very frustrating to be limited by rules I do not even know exist.

  1. The events of today notably in large urban centers with populations of poorly educated, low IQ, and unskilled people are predictable. The actions are not sad, not tragic, not aberrant. And those events are going on without commentary from the national news outlets. And why is that? Possibly because the events do not marry well with the narrative.

  2. We are going to have to wait to see if this is the start of a major war in Africa, if the White Genocide starts in one nation it will probably spread to other nations.

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