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11 Replies to “EFF leader Julius Malema on Donald Trump at media briefing”

  1. So…they don’t want peace…they want war. They are searching for war. And nobody is willing to stand against. Those whites in SA would better get out when they still can. There will be nobody to help the white people when they will be slaughtered.

    • There are a lot of squatters camps in South Africa where the Whites who have been forced out of jobs are living, they don’t have the money to leave. These are the people the militias are forming to protect, what they hope to do is hold on long enough for South Africa to collapse and the majority of the blacks to run to other nations for food and water. The ones who are staying come from fighting stock and have well trained leaders so they may, I repeat may be able to hold on long enough for someone to find money enough to get the civilians out and find a nation that will take them. The left wing governments in the world are refusing to issue visas to the Whites from South Africa. The antifa types are doing their best to keep the Whites in South Africa saying that they deserve death for what their forefathers did.

    • If they do manage to find some place that will take them and money enough to get there where can they go that they will be save? Once the White Genocide starts in South Africa it will spread to all nations on earth, and I do mean all nations.

  2. Many U.S. entities barred investments in SA when ‘white apartheid’ was an item. I hear no calls to shun SAID now when the Negro regime declared total removal, by any means up to murder, of productive whites.

    • There won’t be any de jure shunning by anyone but once the economy collapses there will be a de facto shunning because the investors can’t make money. Even the leftist will stay away as much as they can.

  3. I just watched the Lauren Southern documentary. If the communist blacks there can justify any and all crimes against whites, what is to say that this cannot be repeated everywhere? The salient requirements are a non-white demographic majority and a strong leftist culture.

    We already see the attempted macro transfer of wealth from the developed world to the third world via Agenda 21 and the climate change con. The micro function of tax schemes picking the pockets of productive individuals is perhaps better honed. Carbon tax schemes are outrageously ridiculous money grabs, for instance. Socialists who have never risked their own capital believe that businessmen are always rich, corrupt, and able to afford yet another tax. The bureacrats who execute these taxes are usually unionized leftists who have no idea what money is, how wealth is created, and how capital is destroyed. This is why South Africa along with every other Marxist paradise ends up as an impoverished, barren desert physically, morally and culturally.

    Speaking of culture and in a bit of an aside I offer this interesting article on the hand shake. It came to mind when I mentioned the bit above about crooked businessmen. The handshake is meant to be the formation of an unwritten contract. A society built idealistically around such a verbal contract is similar to the “House of Cards” that is a free democracy. It relies on faith in the other. Excommunication is the result if the handshake is failed by one party. I can certainly correlate the demise of western society with the marginalization of the handshake as a reliable contract in the business world. It used to mean something. Now, many a small businessman’s day is spent writing lawyers letters. The handshake has been exchanged for a paper contract. Our litigious culture has replaced the firm grip of one hand on another, with the firm grip of lawyers and the legal systems on all.

    On handshakes:

    On never underestimating the creeping Marxists tyranny in a neighborhood near you:


  4. And another absolutely disastrous black leader is born. From Idi Amin, through Robert Mugabe right up to Barack Obama and the Reverend Al Sharpton, blacks the world over choose the very worst most mendacious evil bastards to be their leaders time after time. If this black Hitler has his way he will lead his people into a future of death and despair just like the real Hitler did with the German People. And Malema seems to be aware of the coming disaster but is telling people to grin and bear it in exchange for black dominance, which to Malema is the only thing that matters. It’s all pride and sheer racial hatred. Malema simply can’t deal with the fact that a blacks-only South Africa is going to turn into a disaster area in a New York minute once the whites are gone and the country becomes unstable, and foreign investment and tourism shrink and the food runs out and the water dries up and, Oh, God, and on and on…

    • He and the others who are predicting the end of the White Race are in for a real big disappointment, as NR says “no one does combined arms warfare like the Europeans”. The coming decades will see history return ot its norm and that is war, this means those who are best at it will end up on top.

  5. I had to stop watching a few minutes into the video clip when Malema began squealing about, “White right wing extremists being trained by Jews…” Crikey! Don’t these African morons realize that Western Conservatives have their own “trigger words” as well?!? It’s just that—due to possessing supremely obscure intellectual tools like … erem, LOGIC, Critical Analysis, and Analytical Thinking—this Conservative glossary is a lot less clogged with the usual emotional blasting caps and, instead, larded with such supremely challenging notions as Representative Government, Private Property, and Free Speech, along with a host of other intensely-difficult-to-understand concepts that would probably give them intracranial aneurysms and brain fever to even briefly think about.

    As chris jones so explicitly notes, “… another absolutely disastrous black leader is born.”

    The only difference being—is that they are hoping to sup with the Red Chinese devil, yet—that they have thoughtlessly neglected to bring the proverbial long-handled utensils necessary to do so. Did it not portend such disastrous and irreparable outcomes, this fundamental neglect of the historic record would be hilarious—instead of wretched beyond all belief. Much like their “Palestinian” counterparts, this new generation of African “leadership” is composed of the world’s most hapless fü¢kwits.

    If you want to do some serious reading about South Africa and its history, pore through, “The Covenant”, by James Michener. His usual meticulous research reveals how the British put Dutch settlers through pure hell, complete with concentration camps and all of the grotesque trimmings implied.

    The ones who are staying come from fighting stock and have well trained leaders so they may, I repeat may be able to hold on long enough for someone to find money enough to get the civilians out and find a nation that will take them.

    Again, read “The Covenant” to get a solid idea of the fighting stock these remaining Dutch South Africans come from. So much of Caucasian Western Civilization is governed by pro-Antifa Liberal governments to where Donald Trump may be the only hope for these resolute land-owners. One can only imagine Trump entering from stage right and quoting Nada from the movie, “They Live”:

    “I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass. And I’m all out of bubblegum.”

    The left wing governments in the world are refusing to issue visas to the Whites from South Africa.

    When the time comes to where these once-Caucasian cultures are in desperate need of the ingenuity (and the courage to field it against the West’s enemies), I sure hope these squirming maggots end up on the correct side of the barricades.

    If ever the tables turn again, Malema and his ilk had best head for the hills at warp speed. In the clip, he openly admits that this will be a fight to the death. So be it. Soon enough there will be masses of people for whom such a beckoning will carry with it a sense of joy and liberation from some of this world’s very worst bigots and slave-masters (be they African or Chicom). Again, so be it.

    … as NR says “no one does combined arms warfare like the Europeans”.

    Thank you for the hat tip, Richard. In reality, my original quote encompasses the entire Caucasian race in general. Your narrowing of its scope to The Continent is entirely appropriate due to Europe’s all-too-close proximity to these violent, semi-retarded, thugs.

    Methinks that the Conservative West is fed up to its back teeth with cannibal savages like Idi (some of my best friends are hors d’oeuvres) Amin—and his coterie of dictator blood ticks—that routinely derail any genuine progress on The Dark Continent.

    SIDEBAR: Please recall that—even as Robert Mugabe was dragging Zimbabwe down into the nether reaches of everlasting hell—the ANC (African National Congress) steadfastly refused to criticize or censure Robert “Gushungo” Mugabe or his spendthrift December–May wife, “Gucci Grace” (“Gushungo” is the word for crocodile in Shona). This reeks of the age-old political trope about how, “He may be a corrupt son-of-a-buck, but he’s OUR corrupt son-of-a-buck!” It is precisely these sorts of tribalists and claqueurs who keep sub-Saharan Africa irreversibly mired in the Stone Age.

    To continue: Were it not so tragically pathetic, listening to Malema squeak and squawk about fighting to the death for African land—even as these squabbling African lice are giving out black-border, two week in advance, hand calligraphed invitations to the Communist Chinese—makes for otherwise entertaining international political theater.

    The only problem being that, none of these Monster Raving Black Commando Loonies have the slightest understanding of Chicom “debtor nation” strategies and how defaulting on any of those super-massive Mainland investments will likely result in a full-scale military invasion—if not just a simple raping out of whatever natural resources are easily available along with an over-the-shoulder wave goodbye to all of the mixed race babies that will be left behind.

    What could possibly go wrong?!?

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