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2 Replies to “More South African farm murders of white people because they are white in what are really systemic racist sadistic murders”

  1. And now Sainsbury’s here in England are introducing apartheid in their offices, giving blacks a ‘safe space’ to get away from white people.

    Here’s mourning South Africa, which was once a first world country and sincerely trying to reconcile the racial differences in the country.
    Now, we have the very policy in my country that the likes of Peter Hain and Jo Slovo and Denis Goldberg raged against.

  2. The left fought long and hard to remove all apartheid laws in all nations, now that they have succeeded they are slowly reintroducing them with the races put into a totem pole structure, Whites at the bottom, Far Eastern Asians on the next level and the top two switching between Blacks and Moslems on any given day. The left never wanted to eliminate discrimination they just wanted to change who was doing the discrimination and who was being discriminated against.

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