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4 Replies to ““Add one letter and its a community strike” -Why white people are responsible for all crime in South Africa”

  1. This is the same mode of thinking that says that because a murderous mob wants to lynch you, you are the one causing a disturbance to peace and must be removed/arrested.

    • I think that’s what happened to Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux when they visited Australia earlier this year.
      There’s a sickness in Western countries and I don’t see a cure any time soon.

      Two Swedish girls are murdered, one beheaded, by muslims in Morocco and the reporting, what little there has been, is muted. May God help us all and lead us out of this evil.

  2. Pay attention this attitude will spread to all nations on earth, it is going to force the people who are ignoring politics to choose a side in the war of survival.

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