South Africa, how the plan is going down

This video has more substance than speculation. A refreshing change. So here is some speculation to fill the gap.

Whatever forces are behind SO much of the chaos and horror and deceit we see around the world today, (COMINTERN) seem to have used the South African violence, or created it, to do some pretty organized violent revolutionary actions. Looting stores for things of particular use for a militia/army and leaving those stores open, in fact directing crowds of looters to them to empty any consumer goods after the fact, that took some thought and planning. This is a worthwhile watch, if for no other reason to give food for thought about what happens when similar things happen near you.

Thank you Hellequin GB.


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    Newsdesk – July 14, 2021

    “CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Politician Telling People “Go Into Indian and White Neighborhoods; Kill Them and Burn their houses down” in South Africa”
    Hal Turner – July 15, 2021

  2. Yesterday, I posted a video stream of a guy who lived in South Africa for 25 years. The guy left because violence and looting and torching and corruption have been ongoing for 25 years.

    The guy said the Zulus can be fine one minute and then, in a nanosecond, suddenly explode with rage and fury. And now that Zuma, a Zulu, is incarcerated, it’s worse.

    He said absolutely every institution is corrupt to the max. There isn’t one shred of honesty or integrity anywhere. Also, no such thing as an honest police officer, they’re all corrupt and work with the criminal gangs and this includes weapons dealing.

    When police officers protect Black people in the act of necklacing their own, regardless of the tribe, one realized the country is doomed.

    They also hate White people.

    • That fits with a lot I have read over the years, don’t ignore the way so many of the tribes in Central Africa quickly reverted to their old tribal rivalry and hatreds when the achieved independence. Then throw in the anti colonialism that the communist have been spreading forever and toss in a good does of anti white racism. This is a recipe for massive violence and a genocide, first for all who aren’t black African and then for the black Africans who aren’t members of your tribe.

  3. I think the entire South Africa ANC Nelson Mandela Rainbow Nation thing is one great big phony lie covering up what has really been going on for the last 70 years which is our lovely enemies to the East working toward changing the southern tip of Africa into an Axis stronghold rather than a Western one. I don’t think the ANC (who were not black but were definitely communist) could give a rat’s behind about negro rights or apartheid or Nelson Mandela and their only goal was the de-Westernization of the African South.

    And I think the Chinese are soon going to claim their prize and make the thing happen after all these years. Success!!!

  4. ”I think the entire South Africa ANC Nelson Mandela Rainbow Nation thing is one great big phony lie…”
    Well, yeah. For starters, St. Nelson Mandela (a marxist) got really hard about blowing up women and children in cinemas. Your basic terrorist scumbag.
    I’d have shot that ( Anglo-Saxon execration redacted ) out of hand.
    Don’t worry. The Afro-marxists will de-westernize themselves into starvation, once the bloodbath is finished. The slopes can have it, and the noggerista’s will be jo-burg necklacing the bugs in a trice, no fear.
    Tool up, and beat feet for your defensible position. I figure stuff’s really gonna be boiling by Q1 ’22. Heck, we may even it up to some counter-value smoke shows! Positively makes a feller want to shout ‘yeehaw!’, and empty his wheelgun in the air!
    Y’all take care, and for god’s sake, have some fun! Collapse of civilization doesn’t happen every other week, so make the most of it.

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