Something seriously wrong is happening in Quebec

Thank you Gun Goddess for sending me this video directly. I checked the sites watermarked in it, and couldn’t find this video. So no additional info is available.

Here is all I know:

It was sent to me with the question, why was the military deployed in Quebec? Why are they dressed as civilian police? So I uploaded the video to Bitchute with this description:

The claim by the sender is that this is the military dressing as police. Not what we are told the military was brought into Quebec cities to do. Hopefully we get clarity on this soon. I can’t find this on Rebel channels so far, so I am posting it here since it was sent to me directly as a file.

This comment at least offers what to look for in the video:


Notice their left arms.

In the beginning there is a group of white bands walking off together.

There are also red and yellow arm bands.

These people are preparing for something that uses quick identification for which officer is doing what.

Direct link to video here.

UPDATE: More related videos below


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