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2 Replies to “Interview with Emergency Services Veteran on how socialism destroyed Alberta health care”

  1. In the Soviet system medical service was greased with bribes. No bribe equaled state-style service. Pay extra and maybe you get treated better. Doctors were paid a little more than street sweepers.

    This is really bad.

  2. I saw that when I went for a scan.

    Upon arriving, there were two females that had arrived at different times, they didn’t know each other, and each had an ambulance crew with them in the hallway. I know this because I asked about it. Then, a third ambulance arrived, and the crew wheeled in their female patient. Those beds take space in a hallway.

    I was there waiting for my scan and a little over one hour later, as I was leaving, the ambulance crews were still there. I remember asking myself why are they there? The females were still in the ambulance beds also and two of them were not responsive of which one was paralyzed and sitting up.

    All three females were older college students. I was thinking about possible jab adverse effects. Just a weird situation.

    And the hallway was full of people.

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