Interview with PPC leader, Maxime Bernier on bill C-36, and Mark Carney

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Bill C-36 is a next-level Orwellian bill that would have dramatic consequences for freedom of speech in Canada. So much so, it may in fact disqualify us from the new trade agreement with the USA and Mexico. But as laws and reason are both fleeing the planet, it is unlikely there will be a consequence. The US is clearly headed the same way.

Below, Maxime’s speech from that event:

Stand by for more interviews and video from July 1, the Supreme Court protest

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5 Replies to “Interview with PPC leader, Maxime Bernier on bill C-36, and Mark Carney”

  1. “The History of Hate Crime.”

    “The origin of hate crimes dates back to ancient civilizations. One of the earliest examples is from the Roman Empire, which was well known for persecuting various religious groups. According to several historical documents, Christianity was largely tolerated by Emperor Nero until the year 64 AD, when a tremendous fire destroyed a great portion of Rome. The Emperor felt he was being blamed for the damage, so he shifted the guilt to the Christians and called for anyone who followed the religion to be punished. This led to years of hate crimes against anyone who followed the beliefs of Christianity as well as several other religious groups.”

    1. Why didn’t the Romans, a generation after this well-known event, incorporate Hate Crime Laws? Is it because this was not a Hate Crime but a political act of deception against people with ideas of liberation?

    2. Why did it take the gutting of Russian, Chinese and European cultures with dictatorships, to invent ‘blasphemy laws against being offended’?

    Trump supporters villified for sacking Rome. Dictators against people with ideas of liberation.

    • “Some hate crimes have been so tremendous that they have affected the entire world. One of the most notable is the Nazi’s persecution of the Jewish people. Hitler’s “Final Solution” called for the total annihilation of the Jews and led to building of full scale death camps. This dark period in world history, The Holocaust, resulted in the mass murder of millions of people.”

      The killing of the most successful Capitalists. Wealth Creators. To realize: genes make human beings the Communist all envy.

      Breed dumb
      Breed high
      Slave the Earth
      Or touch the Sky

    • From the two examples used as ‘hate crimes’ by the authors in my last two posts:

      1. “Followers of the Way” (This Jesus 1.0 program
      and not the Pagan Roman Jesus 2.0)

      2. Entrepreneurial Jews in every field of science, biology and commerce.

      The fatherless Socialists see Jews as a Race, a Class, and an Identity. (Particular interpretations by Fascists, Marxists and Sexualists, respectively). And in the name of protecting them – ghettoising them – they destroy them by rewarding them as the least on their Kinsey Scale of Preferences. To starve them.

      1. and 2. are Christianised Jews, “in the world but not of the world,” with inner morals directing their own actions, while Collectivized Slaves are the exact opposite. Echo-chamber narsissists reaching for glory while feeding off a diet of media resentments and pride.

      “A hate crime is defined as any wrong doing perpetrated against a particular group of people.”

      To the contrary, as history demonstrates: a hate crime is defined as phobia against any idea that removes power.

      For example, the Democrats in the KKK were fearful of losing authority over who they had labelled as “Blacks”. (This same term used for condemning “Followers of the Way” as “Christians.” – idol-worshippers of a human being. Which they had at the time not done to their souls, to have an intermediary between them and g_d).

      However, once having removed the bright and intelligent from amongst them, and split the minds of the rest, the Socialists controlled an opiate to make them whole again, to make them holy, no matter how brief the estacy, for these were now ‘of the world but no longer in the world), as willing slaves for earthy blessing to be sent to heaven. Houris, Abundance, and Recognition of their Greatness.

      The terror of slave-ships brought them to The Garden of Plantation, and their given-mission to endure.
      (Jesus 2.0. “Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ.”).

      Hate Crimes will be used to remove the offences intended for waking up. To not be disturbed into consciousness. To remain Woke, in a zombie state of seeing but not seeing.

      To fill a child with an ideology – without logic or substance – except to virtue signal – such that imprisonment or death is imposed on those who leave or speak against it.

      Islam, Communism and Sexuals are but a Trinity that takes on many names and forms; and all are called Good.

  2. Methinks the first Hate Crime in recorded history occurred in the Garden of Eden…..when Satan, seeing what God had provided for Adam and Eve, sought to destroy it….
    Through a lie…..through deception…..the hatred was revealed………

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