Interview with Montreal author, Matthew Ehret on Canada’s authoritarian leaders, past and present

We first became aware of Matthew when he was interviewed on the weekly Reiner Fuellmich Corona Webcast. He had an unusual and interesting but quite knowledgeable understanding of Canada’s communist leaders of the past and present. He has also written two books, one of which is inset in the video at times.

We don’t know much more about this Montreal author but we hope you find this interview interesting and informative.

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3 Replies to “Interview with Montreal author, Matthew Ehret on Canada’s authoritarian leaders, past and present”

  1. “Prime Ministers are Regional Managers” thank you Vlad, I have been trying to figure why so many world leaders are acting like puppets of the New World Order madmen.

  2. Fine interview. We certainly have a utopia in the making, just not ours. A hyperinflation in arrogant characters is also blowing up with the sad likes of little Mark “King of the Shithouse” Carney looking for his big-boy pants. Then you have Klaus “The Girdle” Schwab pretending he directs things like some evil boss of Spectre in a Bond film. Where is James Bond when you need him, anyway? Now would be a good time for him to show up. Oh, right, I forgot he went woke. Maybe he’ll spank Klaus with his purse in the next film, but that would just turn The Girdle on, no doubt.

    You have to be a pretty cold fish to be a transhumanist. In fact I’d go so far as to wear a t-shirt that says Transhumanists Suck! Get a few people wearing one of these and watch this house of cards come down like a, well, house of cards, I guess. The transhumanist swerves his car on the road to miss a squirrel, but gladly runs over an old lady if he knows he can get away with it. Imagine thinking you’re so superior you have the right to engineer a flu bug that fools millions into taking the remedy that kills many millions more. Now, imagine being that superior and then marrying this:
    How smart is that?
    Or how smart is this dork?:

    Turns out the transhumanists are human after all.

  3. From the “Original Journal” 1719, Author unknown.

    If there ever was a Nation that had been 23 years ruining itself and recovered in a moment, this is the time.

    If ever a Government paid it’s debts without money and exchanged all the cash in the Kingdom for bits of paper which had neither any body to pay them for any intrinsic fund to pay themselves, this is the time.

    If ever a credit was raised without foundation and built up to a height that not only was likely to fall but impossible to stand, this is the time.


    A South Sea Ballad, 1720, Author unknown

    Five hundred Millions, notes and bonds, our stock are worth in value;
    But neither lie in goods or lands or money let me tell ye.
    Yet though our foreign trade is lost of mighty wealth we vapour,
    when all the riches that we boast consist in scraps of paper.

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