Marine Le Pen now facing 3 year custodial sentence

Remember, the EU went to great lengths to remove special protections politicians have for exactly this reason,to give the latitude they need to speak alternate views, and are now applying this lack of protection RETROACTIVELY to destroy Le Pen.

This means that the new communist states, formerly republics and democracies once upon a time governed by rule of law, can now change laws designed for protection of individual rights and make actions we did in the past, illegal and grounds for imprisonment.


Oz-Rita, who follows the French political injustice scene very closely, adds this comment:

You have here a very typical case of malicious if discreet manipulation of news-reporting at minute 00:24.
<b>“….she accused…..”</b>
….says the news reporter – omitting the fact that Jean-Jacques Bourdin DID INDEED equate le FN with ISIS. The news anchor Bourdin is a very powerful tool for France’s deep state in that he pretends, sucessfully, to be “neutral”, asking the (pseudo)-hard questions and even pretending to be on the conservative side.
In the light of Marine Le Pen being hauled before the totally corrupt French Justice (*), this manipulative statement “…she accused…”, without adding that Bourdin had really said it, becomes a “false accusation” for the man in the street.
Shades of the Michael Stürzenberger case posting historical pictures of Mufties meeting with Nazi leaders and (Stürzenberger) being indicted for it.
(*) A couple of years ago, the Syndicat of French Magistrates had been found out having created in their offices “le Mur des Cons” (literally: the wall of c*nts). It was a large board – covering a big wall, on which they had deposed photos and names of people they considered “C*nts” and who had appeared before them in Court – including nearly every conservative politician who had ever opened the right side of his mouth, and critics of Islam such as Eric Zemmour, BUT ALSO: 2 fathers whose daughters had been raped and murdered by culture enrichers and who had been devastated by the killers-of-the-usual-background getting off lightly thanks to the so-called French Justice.
For those of you who read French, you might want to research “Mur des Cons”. The journalist who discovered the wall has even written a book about it. After the discovery the room with the “mur des cons” was locked for the time of “investigation”. When that “investigation” was supposed to start, the “very securely locked room” had somehow been penetrated, and the “mur des cons” panel had disappeared – to my knowledge it has never been found again and I dont know if the “case” was followed up…..I dont think so.

Centrist European party breaks ranks with the far left, endorses Le Pen

Thank you Ava Lon for this one.

Normally a video speaks for itself. But in this case there is more importance and meaning than one may notice right away. To quote Baron Bodissey: “this is the first break in the cordon sanitaire I’ve seen.” Also the ‘journalist’ is clearly appalled by the announcement and tries to strafe his guest.



Marine le Pen explains parliamentary immunity as well as the reasons the EU removed it

It needs to be understood that what we are seeing with Trump le Pen, Geert Wilders and soon Viktor Orban, is no less than an international conspiracy by the far left to make sure their globalist program is not derailed by we freedom minded nationalists.

This removal of immunity of le Pen is exactly the same as finding Geert Wilders criminally guilty for having an opposition view to the Dutch government and the EU globalists and open border people.

It is also in effect the same as what is happening to President Trump. The attempt to delegitimize his administration by fraud and other means.

Marine le Pen may face 2 years in jail: Links 1 on March 2nd 2017


(That’s probably cause it has and that’s why)

The Dutch-Moroccan rapper Ismo stating: “I believe nothing blindly except the Quran” “I hate the Jews even more than the Nazis” and “I won’t shake hands with faggots” / screenshot YT

Dutch broadcaster AVRO-TROS published a study today, based on a questionnaire presented to about 30.000 people in total. A collaboration between the shows EenVandaag and De Stelling van Nederland, the study took place from 17 to 21 February 2017 and reveal that 65% of Dutch think their identity is under pressure. As causes, they name immigration, Islam and reduced tolerance of native Dutch. Of Dutch nationals with a migration background, 36% feel Dutch identity is under pressure. The research will be the basis for discussion in a show which is to air this evening, answering the question “is this still my country?

2. Tundra-Trudging Refugees: Pushed or Pulled?

(A personal account of how the narrative on muslims “escaping” the US to come to Canada is a load of taqiyya.)

3. UN shill for tyrants, John Ziegler

4. Swedish ‘Ikea Killer’ Asylum Seeker Wants to Serve Sentence in Eritrea Because He Doesn’t Like Swedish Prison

(My suggestion to people who do not like the conditions in foreign prisons, when you visit another country, don’t kill random people there)

An Eritrean migrant who murdered a 55-year-old woman and her son in an Ikea because his asylum application had been rejected is requesting to serve his sentence in Eritrea after being threatened and beaten in multiple Swedish prisons.

The lawyer for 37-year-old Eritrean failed asylum seeker Abraham Ukbagabir requested that his client should be transferred to his native Eritrea after he had received threats and had been beaten multiple times by other inmates the Swedish prison system, Afton Bladetreports.

On August 10th 2015, Ukbagabir went to an Ikea in the central Swedish city of Västerås. Once in the shop, he proceeded to go to the kitchenware department and grab a knife, then without warning stabbed a 55-year-old woman and her 28-year-old son to death.

After stabbing the mother and her son, he then used the knife on himself attempting to commit suicide but was unsuccessful.

5. Muslims want Canadian explainer of the nature of contemporary Islam, Tarek Fatah, dead.

6. Marine le Pen stripped of immunity by EU star chamber:

(This looks pretty much like the Dutch courts convicting Geert Wilders for being the leader of the opposition and having an opposition PoV on immigration policies. The communists who run these governments are still wearing the mask of democratic procedure, but their actions are increasingly totalitarian, punishing those who speak demonstrable truths which may interfere with the one world policy of the international socialists and their muslim allies, who I have come to call, the COMTARD alliance.)

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