Marine le Pen explains parliamentary immunity as well as the reasons the EU removed it

It needs to be understood that what we are seeing with Trump le Pen, Geert Wilders and soon Viktor Orban, is no less than an international conspiracy by the far left to make sure their globalist program is not derailed by we freedom minded nationalists.

This removal of immunity of le Pen is exactly the same as finding Geert Wilders criminally guilty for having an opposition view to the Dutch government and the EU globalists and open border people.

It is also in effect the same as what is happening to President Trump. The attempt to delegitimize his administration by fraud and other means.

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  1. Just a few points to the specifically French situation:

    The corrupt French Government/Media AND Justice are colluding, OPENLY and BLATANTLY, to block Marine LePen. But they are also systematically and intensively promoting a “white version” of Obama into the position of next president. His name is Emanual Macron. His arrival, as his breathtakingly fast ascention are as “mysterious” as was the odysee of Obama.
    Macron arrived a couple of years ago, brought in by Hollande himself at the French Government, which he left after 2 or so years, in a seeming “act of disloyalty” to Hollande.

    Today he is rewarded by not only the mother of Hollande’s 4 (or 5?) children, Segolene Royal with her support of his bid for the Position of President. And by Hollande himself now too. And by all the Media. And Money is flooding his campaign (while EVERY French bank has refused a loan to Marine LePen). Merkel supports him too.

    First I thought that he had a penchant for Cougars – Segolene Royal, Angela Merkel and his own wife all being nearly 3 decades older than him, but not only is there a lot that meets the eye (at least 2 soft lense title pages in the French Media daily, no enquiry into some pretty dodgey personal finances of Macron) there seems to be a lot more that has not met the eye…..

    As to the “French Justice”: I call it “blatantly in collusion” with the extreme left and pro-islamist Government and advise those who are interested to research “Le Mur des Cons”, created by the Sydnicate of Magistrates who are still now in charge of judging Marine LePen, and also our friends from Riposte Laique, Resistance, the courageous Robert Menard (you reported) and then some !!!!

    If there is a bad odour around Germany, Netherlands, Hungary – I would say FRANCE stinks to the HIGH HEAVENS.

    I was one who wanted Trump’s victory, but did not dare predicting it. He had fewer “expectations” going against him, the dark side did not expect him to win, but Marine LePen, alas, is so obviously the favorite of the GOOD French people, that even the dark side are fearing that she will win. I’m very very very worried.

    • You should be worried, we all should be worried about what is happening and what is going to happen. I don’t see the Deep State in the EU or the European nations accepting the election of le Pen, Wilders they can block from forming a government but le Pen can’t be allowed to win the election.

      While you/we are thinking about what is happening in France remember what is happening in Germany including the report that the German military are training to put down demonstrations. I doubt if Merkel plans to use them to stop antifa or the Turks but the latter may end up on the list to be shut up. We are entering into the time when the various governments will start trying to shut down their opponents by any means necessary. Those who are in Europe need to take all precautions to keep their identity secret because the time is rapidly approaching when they will start to prosecute bloggers for what they post.

      • “…Those who are in Europe need to take all precautions to keep their identity secret because the time is rapidly approaching when they will start to prosecute bloggers for what they post.”

        they do already.

        And Germany, apart from being moribound, is in a no win situation. The one who will win the election (if Mother Terrorista Merkel does not) is Schulz, a socialist (SPD), alcoholic freeloader (EU) – who not only maintain/increase the Merkel-Muslim-Intake, but will at the same time let Merkel off the hook, when she should be actually standing before a Nürnberg War Tribunal right now ! And he is POPULAR among the Krauts !!!!!! I’m so acutely reminded lately, why I left my native Germany in the first place.

        Unfortunately the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) has not the numbers yet. 🙁

        • Jordan Peterson postulates Jesus as a meta-hero, an amalgamation of lives, taking all the good attitudes and stories from heroes of old.

          And how easy by intimidation and bullying, is it to get a child to become a Muslim, Socialist, Homosexual or Christian-Salvation Junkie.

          Fight, flight, stand like a huge tree, or faint inside fantasy.

        • Granted I have limited data but you are saying what I have been seeing, all of Western Europe is positioned to go full communist if not full sharia. I don’t know if there is enough resistance in Britain to remain free and from what I see France is about to explode in a civil war. The German government seems to be getting ready to fight a civil war and I don’t know how well prepared the citizens are. Events are about to change the plans of all of the politicians and not for the better, things are going to go kinetic in almost all nations on earth.

    • “Macron is married to Brigitte Trogneux, who is 24 years older than him and was his teacher in La Providence high school, Amiens.[72][73] The pair first met when he was a student in her class, aged 15, but were only officially a couple once he was 18”

      In the footprints of Muhammad. If she dies, her control over him then goes, and the repressed yearning-for-affection Socialist Life that had turned love into the sex will now become the Islamic Life that turns sex into love.

  2. Mary Le Pen care about the futur of the French citizens. France remembered once they were invaded by the Nazi. Every country is at risk of losing sovereignty. The U.K., USA, Dutch…people are awaking . Germany’s citizens needs to stand against the taking over by something worst of the Nazi! Once you were silent about crazy Hitler. He was not German he was a psychopath pedophile asshole Lucifer. It happened in Germany. Millions of people died because of him. Now let’s united against Lucifer . Here it is called leftist, stupid, ill informed “Democ rats & Republic rats.
    Prould Naturalized American born in Canada…

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