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6 Replies to “Marine le Pen victory speech 1”

  1. Yes. Yes. Yes. Long live France !! Long Live the French People !! I am so alive with hope !! Round one and I feel as though I have won the lottery !! I am Canadian and I live in Canada but what you the French people have done is give me hope !! Please make Marine Le Pen your leader!! Save your country and your culture!! You are great people in a great country !!!

  2. She has a chance but is still the long shot, what the election is going to turn on is which side turns out the most voters. If more people who oppose le Pen stay home then the people who oppose the EU then she will win. Who hates what or who the most?

    Which ever wins the EU is finished and war is coming to Europe, this election will determine if France has a leader that will work to defend France or one that will work to keep the EU intact thereby insuring much more damage to France, civilization and the western cultures.

  3. This is an article which gives the maps of how people voted in France. (blue are the regions were MLP got majority)
    And these are maps of the number of mosques per department, number of violent crimes per department and population density per department in France.

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