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8 Replies to “New Zealanders should be afraid”

  1. Police investigations, have to be conducted in secrecy. There may be more terrorists involved. There was murder. There was a Marxist-Nationalist, a Nazi, who may have been aided in the killing of other Nazis for dominance. A gangland killing.

    So what is genuine police action, and what is intimidation from a politicalized commander?

    The author of the video claims it was just bullying.

    Without any previous experience/evidence of police harrassment, this preventing the police in their enquiries to prevent more death is not cool. (But nor is having an armed police force with an unarmed population).

    They did not visit ‘a guy.’

    • Any government sincere in its desire to make a safe society should not sign up to postmodern deconstructionism, or import a single tard. All ensuing chaos is on Big Brother because he has the guns.

      • It was an “interview” about the man’s politics. So this is a distinction without a difference it seems to me. When armed police come to your door and want to discuss your politics with you, but not on camera, I think thats a proto fascist state. Not saying we in Canada are any more free. I expect that knock any second. But its still proto fascist. Either we are free or we are not. And clearly you are not in NZ as you are not even allowed to possess the information required to make free decisions in your own interests.

        • This is indeed the actions of a (at best) proto fascist government, they are in the process of disarming the public and are sending armed officers around to intimidate the ones they think will resist. This doesn’t bode will for the future of freedom in New Zealand, I don’t know what is going to happen in Australia.

          As far as Canada goes I try to be a good neighbor and not interfere in your politics. Having said that if you don’t get Trudeau out of power in the next election you are right to expect the knock on the door. As I have said many times if you don’t have a bugout bag packed and your escape routes planned do so now. Have more then one route planned and be ready to shift from one plan to another as the situation requires.

          May all of my friends on VTB survive the coming chaos, the chaos is closer then we think and will probably we worse then we think.

          Keep your musket clean, your powder dry and watch your back.

    • The alarming thing is, that historically many Jews entered the cattle trucks to take them to their extermination due to the trust of the German Police and the inability to imaging the LGBT+Nazi-Pederast in their heads.

      But Nazis are concerned with what is in your heads, be they the Communists, Sexuals, or Muhammadans: are your eyes bright enough to see them for the beasts they are? An experience that made Chinese facial features inscrutable so that their patrols and now face-recognition cameras cannot detect human-life. The dissenters.

      The fact is, the Police Force were once focused on criminals – outlaws – but is now a Police Service focused on thought crimes perceived by the willingly-offended. A fact that the religions on their sleeves exploit, until concentration camps befall them as well.

      Two police officers, one armed, one not. Bad Cop. Good Cop. Dysfunctional rainbow parents.

      • “The alarming thing is, that historically many Jews entered the cattle trucks to take them to their extermination due to the trust of the German Police…”

        Yes thats exactly it. Like so many questions which are ludicrous but ubiquitous, ‘do you trust the police’ is one of them. The right answer is: Depends on the police force and the individual policeman.

        Clearly as a police force becomes politicized, meaning that it works to enforce a narrative using a state monopoly on force, rather than protecting the rights of the citizen including, if needs be, from a corrupted government, then trusting it in the usual sense of the word trust, is a long trip in a crowded cattle car.

        Once the RCMP used an illegal list of long gun owners to rob the houses of firearms owners of their guns after forcibly evacuating them due to a flood in High River, we knew the RCMP was at least in part, politicized in that way.

        It is up to each individual to know their own minds and to hold back whatever information you don’t want to give. Telling the truth does not mean saying everything anyone wants to know, nor does it mean making yourself vulnerable to someone holding a gun on you.

        Look at what is happening in New Zealand and the UK. Police coming to your door to ask political questions like: “Do you support Donald Trump?”

        This is fascism but perhaps worse, this means there is an official government interpretation of who and what Donald Trump is, and anyone not accepting that official description of President Trump is a political suspect and potential enemy of the state.

        In the video posted here the other day, the police would not even conduct their little interview on camera.

        This means New Zealand has elected to dispose of transparency in government and law enforcement.

        Do we have a word for that?

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