A look at New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern: Echos of Trudeau? Or a Tribute to Tyranny

One could add a lot to this. Well before Covid, Ardern passed authoritarian information control laws that she somehow applied world wide to hide evidence of the Christchurch Mosque shooter’s real motives, and then fabricated a narrative and had the media promote it.

The promoted narrative was of course, suited to an anti-Trump and communist agenda. It claimed that the manifesto of the shooter, which she made illegal to possess, was pro-Trump. She made sure none of the video he made was legal to posses. The video showed evidence that the shooter was responding to the Islamic Genocide of Christians in Serbia. The music he played during the video was also a Balkan war song of people defending their home land

There was also no discussion on MSM about how many Muslims from that particular mosque went on to join the Islamic State and or wage deadly jihad on the West.

On Ardern’s Covid Tyranny:

On Christchurch Mosque attack:

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2 Replies to “A look at New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern: Echos of Trudeau? Or a Tribute to Tyranny”

  1. It’s a damned shame the exterminator didn’t fumigate NZ houses of parliament.
    You know. Racisim and all that. BLM would have cheered had he exterminated all those mongs. After all, they’re just haole’s , and chairman jacinda is a particularly glow in the dark shade of dirty, dirty evil whiteness. And she’s really a male. Sorta like Mooch Oblamo, except with even more junk swinging in her jockeys.
    Gotta go. They just called pushback. Time to get this crate in the air if we want to make our chock time for ottawa.

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