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3 Replies to “22 days inside a New Zealand Covid prison”

  1. Gross. Everyone must see this video in order to understand the com.mie Cor.ona madness. THEY WANT TO BREAK US.

  2. I went through this in Japan. Only citizens and permanent residents are even allowed entry here. Four days in total isolation in a 6×8 foot room. No kidding a business hotel room that barely fit a bed. No contact with any other person, not allowed to leave the room and cold food hung on the door knob. All of this after not one but two PCR tests within 24 hours. You had to have one before the flight and one after arrival. Allowed to go into home quarantine for 14 days after a third PCR on the fourth day. Had to be transferred by covid secure hire car ( a piece of plastic between driver and passenger) at a cost of $400. Once home had to have a tracking app on my phone, answer random calls throughout the day requiring my pressing a tracking button on the phone to verify location and had to accept a video call randomly during the day to prove I was at home. No privacy at all. Again all of this after three PCR negative tests.

    Yes it was like prison. I was a guard at a prison when I was young so I am very familiar with them. More specifically punishment block as solitary confinement was severely restricted in a real prison as being too cruel. Police present to make sure no one left. Elevators guarded. Red tags hung around our wrists from the time we got off the airplane. Escorts at the airport even to use the toilet. For what reason? To make some politicians look like they are doing something? What’s funny is the fact that when I left for Japan after a 48 hour absence there was no requirement to go to Covid jail. They changed the rules while I was in the air. All of those on the plane were just as surprised as I that we were required to submit to all of this.

    Indeed, this is NOT the world I grew up in. All for a disease with a 99% survivability. We seem to alway forget that fact.

    • 99.x% survive OF THOSE WHO GET THE DISEASE AND GET SICK! Which is less than 10% of the population. So its really a 99.9X% survival.

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