A multipart video on why to become a libertarian

1. Member of Parliament ejected for speaking the truth abut a Trudeau tactic in a new piece of communist/Nazi legislation

2. One wonders why what clothes a person wears changes whether kidnapping is a crime or a protected activity

Below is the same video, preempting YouTube’s Lenin-like inevitable removal of the one above.

It may be worth asking yourself, if video 1 on banning guns, and video 2 on the state kidnapping of babies if you do not go along with potentially fatal government medical policies have anything in common.

3. One Canadian speaks truth to power; speaks facts and consequences

4. Classical civilization was successful, wildly so actually, for many reasons. One of the chief ones, is The Merit Principle. Communist regimes, like Islamic ones, swap out merit for ideology. What you believe outside of your field of endeavour, is more important than skill, knowledge or competence.

5. The One Chart That Tells the Entire Story’: Analysis Shows 26% Worse Mortality Among the Vaccinated

Source and summary:

What a lucky thing for illegals that in Canada and the US, and likely the entire Western world, illegal migrants where not required to take the shots for some reason.

Remember, government forced these shots on people. Yes, you can call it coercion, but when you add up military developed propaganda campaigns, and add it to people losing their homes, careers, jobs, families and becoming pariahs in the community if they refused the shots, its tantamount to force in a way any court would agree back when we had evidence based and rights based law.

So. Libertarian yet?

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