major assault on (2) New Zealand Mosque(s)

A man recording himself with a GoPro named Brenton Tarrant, shot up a mosque in New Zealand killing many people.

In his car as he drove to the mosque he played this music in his car:

Official news footage of the event:

Archived Facebook of the killer:

Twitter archive

zero hedge : Multiple Fatalities In New Zealand Mosque Shootings; </b>Gunman Posted Plans On Social Media, Livestreamed Attack

Now there are reports of <b>three shooters, with one in custody.</b>

Radio NZ has confirmed two shootings, one at the Masjid Al Noor Mosque next to Hagley Park, and at the Linwood Masjid Mosque in the suburb of Linwood.

The gunman posted photos of his shooting gear on Twitter prior to the shooting.

more :

AP – The Latest: 2nd mosque shooting reported in New Zealand

New Zealand media say a shooting has occurred in a second mosque in the city of Christchurch.

No details were immediately available.

Earlier Friday afternoon, police had urged people to stay indoors as authorities responded to a shooting at the Masjid Al Noor mosque.

A neighbor described mass casualties inside the mosque and said he saw the gunman flee.

Media begins the lies; claims he s a ‘TRUMP SUPPORTER”

What he actually said:


Updates as they come in

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  1. I’m reading the comments on Zero Hedge. Many people think alike. And it’s understandable when our own governments relegate us as second-tier citizens. I see the guy as a Crusader and a martyr.

    Also, I don’t blame the Muslims. They’re playing their game. I blame our governments and the Human Rights Commissions.

    We should expect more of this as predicted quite some time ago. A civil war is on the horizon.

    • This attack comes as no surprise. Everyone knows there is going to be a reaction against Government sanctioned islamisation.
      They collude with the islamifiers, then blame those who react to it.

      • Exactly…his manifesto has some interesting points about refusing to pay taxes to governments who subsidize our enemies.

        IMO we direly NEED Templars right now. But this time with NO connection to vatican traitors.

        • I’m half-way through the Manifesto. He’s a great writer with a well-structured thought process. It’s a fascinating read and I find myself agreeing with him, up till now.

          I see no hate in his discourse but he does admit he hates new converts to Islam.

          The word HATE is being regurgitated everywhere although it’s SELF-PRESERVATION of the disappearing White Race and European culture that led him to act out.

          Your last sentence: I agree.

  2. Re: blaming President Trump:

    Personal predictions:

    a) The Main Media coverage of this will be in direct inverse proportion to the Main Media coverage when “the shoes are on the other feet”.

    b) On OZ talk-back radio a muslim caller said “There was only ONE religion targeted: ISLAM”. Which makes me think that this time we might be spared the mantra we have gotten used to: “Nothing to do with Islam”.

  3. I feel the same way about this guy in New Zealand as I would with anybody doing what he did and what Isis does and is doing in the Middle East…….Don’t become what you are fighting against !!

    • Don’t become what you are fighting against !!

      And when the time comes to fight fire with fire, what then?

    • Then you will never win a war if you run one. NO winners in real wars have clean hands and all of that ethical rubbish while nice for a civilians just allows your men to be killed. I do not condone this action as like anyone I have a natural repulsion for the targeting of civilians, but when the enemy do it it is very hard to have any sympathy for them . no one cried when German civilians or Japanese civilians were bombed and that was as it should be. IMO islam is at war with the west and they know but most of us do not. If they win your ethics will go down the sharia drain. but if we win we can reclaim our ethics as we did after WW2.

    • “Don’t become what you are fighting against !!”
      don’t worry…they will not convert to islam.

      So…the jews should not defend against arabs ?

  4. Had all of my Breitbart posts deleted as I refused to shed crocodile tears over this but then BB targets me while far more blatant posts slip past them. Losing faith in BB. BTW the document has already disappeared from the site. I missed the first part with the diagram but have the rest from “The Great replacement” onwards. If someone could post the diagram I could post the rest if needed. Yet to read it closely but it is hard not to agree with most of it on a quick look. This is no sudden idea but one planned for years. If it does unleash civil war it has achieved its aim as we no longer have the time to wait.

    • The Politically-Correct is killing us. Worse, it’s part and parcel of the big problem aka suppression of free speech aka suppression of facts that are before our eyes. We must accept distortions of the truth. It’s very frustrating and that frustration is what led the guy in carrying out his deed.

  5. Having now read the entire manifesto, I agree with 90% of it. No wonder the bastards are after it. Far too much truth behind his thoughts.

    • Same here. And we’re not alone. Sadly, few people will read it. So, it’s up to us to talk about it to our friends etc.

  6. Just watch as the governments of the world start falling all over themselves drafting legislation to ban anti-Islamic “hate” speech on the internet after this Anders Breivik attack. This will be to the world what the Marc Lepine Montreal Polytechnic massacre was to Canada.

    The leftists and Muslims are going to hammer us with the opinion that only climate change and Islamophobia are important issues and they are going to make the case to start prosecuting people who say anything negative at all about the religion of Islam for fear that it will trigger another similar attack. The fight is on. The Pakistani initiative to make blasphemy laws worldwide is about to go into high gear. They will be trying to criminalize this very website that we enjoy so much and threaten us with fines and banning. How would you like a court order barring you from turning on a computer for five years? They are going to call us all Anders Breivik and they are going to try their best to silence us. Brace yourselves. Here goes…

    • I’ve been thinking about what you are saying too…..

      They were going to come after us either way.

      Our leaders are now starting to realise what a sh£t storm islamic migration is causing.

      • “Our leaders are now starting to realise what a sh£t storm islamic migration is causing.”

        You are too optimistic, The scum who rule will just do the usual whitey dump as being honest requires an effort and integrity. I can’t wait to see the soapbox tears pouring out as they all squeeze the political sponge in public.

    • I’m not sure if you are aware, the Marc Lepin shooting at Ecole Polytechnique was a sharia attack: his father was a Magreb Muslim, and he was cleansing women who dared study technology.

      At the time, I was a Physics student at another Canadian university and I got a call following the Lepin shooting from my administrator, saying that the school directory had been hacked and that all female students in science – myself included – are under a death threat and offered me security while I am on campus…so he may not have been working alone, despite the public record saying so.

      • Within an hour or two I should be posting a fairly explosive video with provable motives for the attack that will make sense and blow away 100% of the media BS on this.

  7. As terrible the murders in NZ are, one might ask exactly how many attacks have there been on Churches since 1 January 2019 and how many hundreds have died that the media and governments did not give a shit about? Also, how many Hindus have been murdered by Moslems in the same period that the media and governments did not bat an eyelid at?

    • Spot on! IMO the west is ripe for a cleansing of politicians as currently they have all but destroyed the ideals behind democracy and they know it and even a military dictatorship for 50 years would be better as they never start dynasties. Martial law would see the streets cleansed, the ghettoes subdued and the usuals and their families looking over their shoulders before deportation or else.

  8. I just saw the live video of the massacre on “VIDMAX” and he shoots a hell of a lot more than 29 bullets. It was horrible. He just stood there pumping bullets into the bodies as the moans and cries slowly died out and left nothing but the sound of the rifle. My God, how efficiently and quickly an assault weapon can kill a whole building full of people.

    Do not make the mistake of being on this guy’s side just because you happen to agree with some things he said in his “manifesto”. I just witnessed a terrible sin and cannot condemn it in strong enough terms. Damn the murdering bastard to eternal hellfire!

    • My understanding of the theology: murderers deny God’s role (and society’s) and decide that they alone can determine life and death. God-fearing societies work together to target armaments of aggressors. It is prudent to consider that someone praising heinous crimes is a provocateur.

      • It is prudent to consider that someone praising heinous crimes is a provocateur.

        And guess who’s been doing that for well over a thousand years?

        To paraphrase the Book of Hosea:

        They that sow the wind türds, shall reap the whirlwind $h!tstørm.

        After so many years of infuriating Muslim silence over outrage after barbaric outrage, anyone asking me to speak up against this Kiwi microaggression retaliatory pittance can bite my clank.

        Islam burned through its sympathy rations long before Mohammad even took the dirt nap. These Muslim pity parties and squeals of “Islamophobia” make me want to go the Big Spit. [reaches for Rita’s bucket]

        The time for any mercy vaporized almost twenty years ago on a beautiful September morning. There aren’t enough Umayyad dinars in the world to pay the piper for just that one tune.

        The answering-up that Islam has to do will make PhD orals look like a teatime chat.


    • In a sane, fair world I would agree with you and in any context bar war, a massacre of civilians is a heinous crime and even in war it is wrong but it happens and very often. A mosque is not a church, it is an outpost of islam and a centre for indoctrination, hatred of the infidel and even the storage of weapons unlike a church and there is no concept of sanctuary there for anyone. Those 49 civilians may well have been decent upright New Zealanders but how many subsidized, sheltered or supported jihad even if they hurt no one? How many had several wives and >5 children by bleeding the western benefits system and how many were still on welfare and refused to learn/speak English. How many were involved in non ideological crime such as rape grooming gangs, extortion or drugs? You will never find this out as the MSM will polish them until they shine.
      Islam is at war with the west and the west simply refuses to see this. They regularly massacre western civilians ( no westerner is innocent, they say) and it is almost accepted as the norm, so why should I feel sympathy for such a group? I would not do it myself, and I cannot condone it but spare me the tears for this group as they do not deserve it, They are supremacist invaders intent on taking our countries and exterminating us. Go and read some mosque diarrhoea and find out what they say about us and how they cheer when the infidel cops such. Christianity and my love and trust of my fellow human were burnt out of me. Just hope that it does not happen to you.

      Eeyore…. You can delete this if it is unacceptable or its presence worries you.

      • A mosque is not a church, it is an outpost of islam and a centre for indoctrination, hatred of the infidel and even the storage of weapons unlike a church and there is no concept of sanctuary there for anyone.

        Michelle, about all that you omitted is a description of how Islamic “martyrdom” diabolically perverts the entire concept of self-sacrifice.

        The rest of your totally righteous rant can be cut in stone.

        It’s time to make eternal enemies out of all Muslims who insist that Infidels of any size, shape, or age are their foes.

        The curtain is running down on this farce of “coexistence”. Islam’s hour to strut and fret crap upon history’s stage is forever done with. By hook or crook, incensed Western audiences shall teach these terrorist scum that their tale of sound and fury signifies nothing.

        • Quote:”Michelle, about all that you omitted is a description of how Islamic “martyrdom” diabolically perverts the entire concept of self-sacrifice.”
          I do NOT accept Islamic “martyrdom” as true martyrdom as there is a reward in heaven even if they fail to kill an infidel. Communists and Nazis who martyred themselves to save comrades and even Japanese who martyred themselves for their emperor gained no heavenly brownie points: THEY were true martyrs however wrong were their beliefs. Any atheist or agnostic who self sacrifices for others is a true martyr. Even Christian martyrs gained heavenly rewards so they too are somewhat suspect. All IMO

    4 arrested
    Many in sugery
    Hospitals now guarded
    Britain’s House of Commons will also observe a minute’s silence at 11am (local time) in memory of those who have been killed and injured in the attacks.

    US president Donald Trump also sent a message to the people of New Zealand via Twitter after the terror attack.

    “My warmest sympathy and best wishes goes out to the people of New Zealand after the horrible massacre in the Mosques,” Trump tweeted
    Earlier: timeline
    Earlier Al Jazeera via

      • Come to think of it wasn’t Brad speaking to you from that region in one of your last interviews? Never mind…you’ll tell us.

  10. As an addendum to any bleeding hearts here just take a look at what happened to the civilians in Bataclan and many, many other places. I don’t see any report of him castrating people and making them eat their own genitals or even their eyes or disembowelling anyone and pulling out their entrails and cutting them up in front of them. In fact I also don’t think he sawed off any heads which is the way they kill animals as it stops the noise but maximizes the agony. Go to a halal slaughter and watch the animals writhe in agony. I would rather be shot dead any day as opposed to halal killed by these dark age savages. Also remember Beslan and what they did to those children there!

    • As an addendum to any bleeding hearts here just take a look at what happened to the civilians in Bataclan and many, many other places. I don’t see any report of him castrating people and making them eat their own genitals or even their eyes or disembowelling anyone and pulling out their entrails and cutting them up in front of them.

      Too right, Michelle! Fear not, we agree +99%.

      Like I said, outrage after barbaric outrage and we’re supposed to feel sorry for them?!?. That train left the station before railroads even were invented.

      Here’s a new meme:


      That one’s only an hour old and it’s meant to signal a permanent end to any regret over future retaliations. Islam’s constant savagery has me just about ready to hand out candy over this.

      Here’s another rough draft meme:

      The MSM absolutely will NOT miss an opportunity to compare this retribution with Breivik’s assault. It gives them a chance to use Breivik as a false (Nazi) flag to wave over all related coverage.

      The irony of using the one Infidel Muslims admire most to smear legitimate anti-Islamic sentiment would be hilarious if it weren’t so disgusting.

      Finally, the cosmic debris of Muslims being slaughtered in a town named Christchurch … well, that one I’ll leave to this board’s gentle readers.

  11. Who Are the People Whose Names New Zealand Mosque Shooter Scrawled on His Gun? (sputniknews, Mar 15, 2019)

    “… Scrawled on the Rifle

    ‘Here’s Your Migration Compact!’ refers to the much-criticised non-binding UN agreement that seeks to establish a common global approach to international migration.

    John Hunyadi was a Hungarian military leader who ruled the country between 1446 and 1456 and led the national struggle against the Turks.

    ’14 Words’ (the number is repainted in several places on the ammo) is a nod to the 14-word white supremacist slogan derived from Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”.

    ‘Tours 732’ refers to the Battle of Tours in 732. Frankish military leader Charles Martel pushed back the last Arab invasion of Western Europe.

    ‘Turkofagos’ (‘Turk-eater’ in Greek) was the nickname of Nikitas Stamatelopoulos, one of the main heroes of the Greek War of Independence waged by revolutionaries against the Ottomans between 1821 and 1829.

    On the other side of the stock, there’s also a marking reading ‘Anton Lundin Pettersson’ — the attacker who fatally stabbed a teaching assistant and a student and wounded two other people in what police described as a racially charged incident. He later succumbed to the gunshot wounds he received during his apprehension.

    ‘Marco Antonio Bragadin’, also written on the other side, refers to a Venetian commander who led the resistance to the Ottoman conquest in 1570 and was eventually killed by the Turks.

    Scrawled on the Gear

    Josur Estrbanez was a then-22-year-old Spanish neo-Nazi who fatally stabbed 16-year-old anti-fascist protester in 2007. He was sentenced to 26 years in prison two years later.

    Milos Obilic was a semi-legendary knight who is said to have killed Ottoman sultan Murad I in the Battle of Kosovo in 1389. He is venerated as a saint in the Serbian Church.

    Sigismund of Luxembourg was a European noble who ruled the Holy Roman Empire in 1433-1437. He led the Crusade of Nicopolis, the last major crusade of the Middle Ages, which failed to liberate Bulgaria from the Ottoman rule in 1396.

    Feliks Kazimierz Potocki was a Polish commander, known as one of the country’s richest noblemen of his time, who fought with the Ottomans and Tatars in the second half of the 17th century.

    Iosif Gurko was a Russian marshal credited with a series of victories in the Russo-Ottoman War of 1877-1878.

    ‘Vienna 1683’ refers to the Battle of Vienna which is considered to be a watershed moment in the Holy Roman Empire’s centuries-long struggle with the Ottomans. After losing this battle, the Ottoman Empire no longer posed a threat to Christian Europe until its collapse in WW1.

    ‘Acre 1189’ is a reference to two the sieges of Acre, an ancient city today located in Israel. The first siege lasted from 1189 until 1191, and saw the king of the crusader-controlled Jerusalem repel Ottoman ruler Saladin.

    “For Rotherdam” refers to the child sexual exploitation scandal in the UK, wherein a British-Pakistani gang was convicted of sexually abusing at least 1,400 children between 1997 and 2013.

    Alexandre Bissonnette was the gunman who received a life sentence for killing six people at a Quebec mosque in January 2017.

    Luca Traini is an Italian neo-Nazi sympathizer who injured six African migrants in a shooting rampage in February 2017 and was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

    The Battle of Kagul of 1770 (written in Russian) was the key battle of the Russian-Ottoman War of 1768-1774, which saw Russian troops achieve a decisive victory over overwhelming Turkish forces.

    Bajo Pivljanin is a popular figure in Serbian epic poetry. He was a Serb commander who fought against the Ottomans in the second half of the 17th century.

    Fruzhin was a Bulgarian prince who headed an uprising against Ottoman ru;le in the early 15th century.

    The Battle of Bulair of 1913 was part of the First Balkan War; it saw Bulgarians defeat an Ottoman infantry division.

    Sebastiano Venier was a 16th-century Venetian ruler who headed the city’s fleet in the Fourth Ottoman-Venetian War. He is perhaps best known as the admiral at the Battle of Lepanto of 1571, which saw the fleet of the so-called Holy League (an alliance of Christian states) deliver a stunning defeat to the Ottoman Empire off the Greek coast.

    Shipka Pass was a strategic path through the Balkan Mountains; joint Russian-Bulgarian forces successfully repulsed a series of attacks by the Ottoman army in 1877-1888, during the war which eventually led to the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman Empire.

    Novak Vujoševi? was the hero of the Battle of Fundina against the Ottoman Empire’s forces, who is believed to have killed 28 enemy soldiers…”

  12. The families and loved ones are in great distress.
    This World-Wide Class War is hard to digest.
    Allah, Transgender, Racially-Best
    Each lower the bar to cheat on Christ’s test.

    The Father, The Son, Holy Spirit attest
    These are the devils who suck Satan’s Breast:
    “Preferential Character.” Call themselves Blessed.
    (The Marxists are laughing at what they do next).

    Raping your children. First-cousins no less.
    Diversity. Deprevity. Human regressed.
    Fatherless ‘Families’. The Mother obsessed.
    Into The Collective these tribes coalesce.

    “The Great Replacement.” Mistrusts the guest.
    Yet the Welfare and Housing is fed by the West.
    No shame from the immigrant who’ll ride any vest.
    So when you take in the soulless – you deserve this mess.

    The WJS. White Jealous Socialist.!8jRhXYgA!CsNFRwya_FO0mHdks-8oZwxZhLNrpj5sawTQoUD8ZFM

    • The links to the “The Great Replacement Towards a New Society” are being cut off to deny free speech and rational disemination.

      “The Danger of the Invader
      If you were to kill sixty armed invaders having shown the will and the
      intent to bring harm to your nation and people, you would be hailed a
      hero, given your nations highest civilian honours, paraded before the
      media and the adoring public. But kill sixty unarmed invaders having
      shown the will and the intent to bring harm to your nation and people, and you will be considered a monster, dragged through the streets, ridiculed, attacked,your character assassinated in every way it can be and
      finally tried in court and imprisoned for the rest of your life. But here’s the real kicker, the unarmed invader is far more dangerous to
      our people than the armed invader. We can fight the armed invader, we
      know how, we have the ability, we have the soldiers and arms to do so. But the unarmed invader, we have no real idea on how to deal with them, we are unable to attack them or fend them off in any meaningful way. Both would seek to destroy our nation, both would seek to displace and
      replace our people, both would seek to destroy our culture and
      nationhood. But only one has the ability and only one has shown to be
      effective at doing so. THE UNARMED INVADER IS MORE DANGER”

      But the answer is really simple. No Government Welfare. You bring children into the world – they are your choice and responsibility, not the State’s. The violence inflicted upon others to rob them should never be tolerated. This weaponization of indoctinated children to overwhelm a county.

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