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2 Replies to “Pakistani couple arrested over acid attack on daughter”

  1. Here is a glimpse of a true hell on earth. Look at the cold face of the mother—it would send chills down the Devil’s spine. Hear the father’s protests that there was nothing else he could do – just beat his daughter and stand by as the mother poured acid on her. Then in the hours afterwards, there was still apparently nothing he could do, except stand by and see his daughter suffer horribly. Not his fault. Not the mother’s either—it was the daughter’s fate to die so atrociously, she says.

    But look again at the mother—I was immediately struck by her resemblance to Mama Tsarnaev. Chilling.

    And then look at the other children. What a horrific legacy Islam has wrought for them.

  2. Even the mother, a slave of Islam herself, was an accomplice to this gruesome act.
    Muslim women deserve all they get for carrying out the will of a god that despises them. As John Lydon (Johnny Rotten) said when asked why he wasn’t a vegetarian, “Cows are so stupid, they deserve to be eaten.” Yes, and Muslimas are too stupid to deserve anything other than the Hell they live in and the Hell that awaits them.
    As for the father, notice how blameless he acts. What a shifty, disgusting little man he is. He claims that his family had already lost face, so his answer was to make his daughter ‘lose face’, literally! Then of course, he refuses her medical treatment and claims that his was her fate to die. I have no sympathy for these savages.
    This is what we can expect the West to look like soon, and all because the PC idiots deliberately left the doors open.
    Islam needs exterminating, and it needs exterminating soon. These people are nothing but vermin.

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