Berlin: “You Unbeliever!” – Syrian Attacks Subway Passengers With Knife

An original translation from Die Welt. Incidents like these do not even make it to the front pages anymore, it is just the new German normal.

Man Attacks With Knife – Police Look Into Islamist background

January 02., 2018

On Silvester day [New Year’s Eve], a 23-year-old Syrian attacked a man in the Berlin subway and yelled at him: “You Unbeliever.” The man and all further victims were Germans. Now, the Land Office for Criminal Investigations investigates.

A 23-year-old attacked several people with a knife in Berlin-Schöneberg. This wounded a 50-year-old lightly. The intelligence service of the Land Office for Criminal Investigations is looking into whether there is an Islamistic background, a police spokesman announced upon our enquiry on Tuesday. The man from Syria was „mentally instable“. „Tagesspiegel“ had reported on the case.

The 21-year-old Syrian assaulted several people on Silvester day in the subway station Bayerischer Platz. Accordingly, he first asked the 50-year-old if he was a Turk.

When the man denied, he yelled “You unbeliever” and stabbed at him with the knife. The man suffered slight cutting wounds, but did not want medical treatment. The other people who were attacked were Germans, too.

Due to the confused mental state he was in, the 23-year-old was taken to a hospital and afterwards to a jail hospital. A detention order has already been issued.

“Bayerischer Platz” subway station in Berlin

Assaults on Danish grad-carts in Copenhagen

An original translation by Tania Groth

From this Danish news site:

Everyone is familiar with the sight of open-bodied trucks filled with noisy happy students. It is a Danish tradition that students in high spirits drive around for visits to individual students’ homes on the day they don their graduation cap.

So it was with a class from Ørestad Gymnasium. But a day which began with celebration and joy was turned into something of a nightmare when a group of immigrant men attacked the wagon firing various “missiles”.

It happened in a tenement Hørgården on Amager, where many immigrants live. Here Mohamed also lives, he was one of the students on the wagon.

A group of migrant boys and young men had planned an attack. In a video you can see how the waste containers were rolled out on the road to block the vehicle while students were inside at Mohamed’s family’s apartment. Watch the video here:

The driver, Brian Brandt, who stayed down by the truck, said he could see a group of youngsters with eggs, water balloons and cooking oil gather together on a nearby lawn. More and more people came to join them.

As the students came down the street one of the immigrant boys stood ready with a bottle of cooking oil, which was shaken and then sprayed over them. Then the rest of the group began to bombard the students with water balloons, eggs and flour.

Brian Brandt, who has been driving these student parties 20 years, says he has never experienced anything like it.

It was a shock to see these young mens’ behavior. All the attackers were of ethnic background, and they were totally indifferent to what I said to them. At one point I was afraid that they would smash the truck, says Brian Brandt to Ekstra Bladet.

He quickly tried to get the truck quickly away from the narrow Bryde Alley but it was difficult as the road was blocked by containers.

“They barricaded themselves and were ready with eggs by the containers, so I chose to back out. But when I get a ways down the road, I encounter other vehicles, says Brian Brandt to Ekstra Bladet. These can also be seen on the video.

Meanwhile the attackers bombarded the truck with eggs and water balloons and even jump up on the side of the truck and begin pouring cooking over some students who were trying to hide under a some banners which they had torn from the side of the wagon.

One of the students at the wagon was Stina Marie Carlsen. She tells about the experience which for her was a huge shock:

“I noticed that a crowd of about 20 young people start to congregate around the truck, but don’t otherwise think anything of it. When we get up in the back of the truck, they suddenly began attacking us and throwing eggs and oil and flour. Several of my classmates begin to pull some carpets of the pallet tables that were in the middle of the vehicle, while the others pulled banners from the side of the truck in an attempt to use these as protection, “says Stina Marie Carlsen to BT.

“I was beginning to think about how to get away from there as the driver could not drive anywhere. Imagine if they came up to us in the wagon! At the same time it was really disgusting to feel egg and flour running down my head and my back. I was completely soaked afterwards and it stank terribly, “she says to BT.

Stina Marie Carlsen was afraid that the rest of the day would be ruined and the student run canceled as the truck was completely covered in eggs and oil after the attck

The trip, however, was completed, although only with effort.

“I had to shower a total of three times during the rest of the trip because I could not get the smell of eggs and oil away. At the same time I kept finding eggshells in my hair. My mother had to come with a change of clothes for me, “says Stina Marie Carlsen to BT.

Mohamed: It was just for fun – Police: We take it very seriously

Mohamed El Ar Bagi tells EB, that it really was for him the eggs were intended and that the throwing of eggs after students had been a tradition in the area for some years, he says.

But this time they may have gone too far. But we just laughed and blotches of egg on my student cap is only a dear memory of the day, says Mohamed.

Others are also trying to downplay the attack. They’re just little boys, they said. But on the video you can see that they are big guys.

Others have also a completely different assessment.

The driver says it was like a war zone in Beirut.

One of the residents calls what he saw for a commando raid.

And the police have received at least five reports on the matter. They had officers in the area for several hours. And the constable in charge said that they are taking the matter very seriously.

A Danish tradition on its way to being destroyed

The attack on the students may well be a warning sign that a good Danish tradition may be on the way to being destroyed.

Mohamed said that the eggs are a tradition in the area. Amongst immigrants that is.

But it is apparent not only in Hørgården on Amager this is happening.


In Valby was another vehicle from Ørestad Gymnasium came under attack.

“Five young people suddenly began to throw rocks at us when we were leaving. We drove toward a traffic light, and they followed us and waited for the truck to stop at a red light. There they threw rocks at us, and one of them hit me right on the head, says graduate, Manon Pignot to TV2 Lorry on the 26th.


At Husum Station in Copenhagen two female students were sprayed in the eyes with acid during their student drive on Friday. The liquid was apparently sprayed with a water gun from a car. It sent the two girls to the hospital, where they had to endure an almost two-hour long rinse treatment. (Jamie – elsewhere in the news I have read that they had damage to their corneas).


Soren Elkrog was a driver this past Friday on a student truck. He saw four immigrants throwing eggs at the vehicle. They had no connection with or relationship to any of the students on the truck.


Another team of students have had eggs thrown onto them on their truck tells a group of HF students from VUC in Hvidovre Sunday evening to Ekstra Bladet.

It happened at Naver gate in Avedøre and the road leading to Avedøre Station. It is an area inhabited by many with immigrant backgrounds.

Around 4-5 big guys threw eggs at the the 25 students on the truck.

They were waiting for us, says Steven Button, who sent photos to Ekstra Bladet.


And last night came a description of Nørrebro (on FB), where smaller immigrant boys threw water balloons after a group of students. It was later taken off from FB due to disagreement with the comments witten.

Both Ekstra Bladet, BT and the police talk about other examples of the same thing happening – albeit apparently not so violent.

It is feared that the attacks will spread as the number of immigrant background become students.

The attacks often hit all the students on a truck.

Many immigrants come from non-Western Muslim countries with generally violent cultures.

There is much violence in everyday life amongst immigrants in Denmark and in other European countries.

It is possible that the reason for this particular attack was Mohamed. But the reality that was serious violence hit all the students present on the truck.

Finn tells us that he heard shouts of “Nak dem alle” (get all of them).

A Danish tradition may be under attack, and it can be gone before we know it.

Police officer speaks at June 17 event on the murder of a fellow officer and Islam’s role

Christine Tasin also spoke at this event

This article also explains much about the killer.

‘Mastermind’ leader behind the Paris attack of Nov. 13 2015, interviewed by French TV in Syria March 2014!

In March 2014, Oz-Rita and our team translated and subtitled this video about a man who turned out to be the planner, (who the mass media pins the adjective of ‘mastermind’) of the Paris attacks of Nov. 15 – 2015 He describes the coming formation of the Caliphate and more. He was well known and broadcast across Europe more than a year and a half before this attack. This is a newly uploaded copy of that video we did in March 2014 as the channel we had posted it on, has been taken down. Thank you again Oz-Rita for doing this translation, and reminding me we did it. Turns out that it is of some significance.

BREAKING NEWS: Paris policewoman injured outside President Hollande’s palace after ‘driver deliberately knocked her down’

Daily Mail:

A policewoman has been deliberately knocked down and injured by a driver outside President Hollande’s palace in central Paris.

Witnesses have said the motorist aimed at the officer outside the Élysée Palace and two people have been arrested.

A reporter on BFM TV in France said the car had been driving the wrong way along a one-way system before ramming the policewoman and knocking her to the floor overnight.

Scroll down for video

Hit and run: A policewoman guarding the Elysee Presidential Palace in Paris, pictured today, has been deliberately run down outside after a driver went the wrong way up a one-way street

Hit and run: A policewoman guarding the Elysee Presidential Palace in Paris, pictured today, has been deliberately run down outside after a driver went the wrong way up a one-way street

The men in the car then abandoned it and fled on foot but were chased by police on bikes and arrested. President Hollande was in the palace at the time.

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