Imprisoned tennis player, Novak’s father speaks to the situation

Although I added this to the previous links post, it feels like it deserves its own.

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  1. the guardian – Refugee detained in same hotel as Novak Djokovic speaks about situation

    Adnan Choopani has spoken about conditions in the facility that he has been in for the last 29 months. Choopani, an Iranian who was first detained in Australia nine years ago when he was 15, said refugees staying in the hotel had no access to fresh air or space to exercise and they were kept under guard 24 hours a day.

    ‘To be honest the conditions day by day are getting worse because we’ve been kept in a limbo and indefinite detention,’ Choopani said. Djokovic is staying on the floor below the refugees, who are housed on the second floor, as he awaits a court hearing over his visa cancellation.

  2. Djokovic fans protest shock Australia detention

    Novak Djokovic’s fans rallied in the rain Friday to protest the tennis superstar’s shock detention in Australia, a development that reverberated globally and sparked an angry reaction from Serbia.

  3. CBC News – Novak Djokovic denied entry to Australia after vaccine exemption

    Australian border officials have denied tennis star Novak Djokovic entry to the country after he received a controversial medical exemption to COVID-19 vaccination requirements to play in the upcoming Australian Open.

  4. abc news australia – Home Affairs Minister on why Djokovic’s visa was cancelled

    She says there’s nothing stopping the tennis ace from leaving the country if he chooses not to pursue the case.

  5. Nadal says Djokovic would be playing in Australian Open ‘if he wanted to’

    Rafael Nadal told Novak Djokovic he only had himself to blame …

    … also implied those who refused to be jabbed were selfish.

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