Premiere episode of Israeli version of the Corona Investigative Committee set to go live in 6 hours

This is set to go live at about 5:00 AM Eastern time, or 6 hours from now.

Molecular biologist and vaccine maker speaks on infertility, still births, and the mRNA shots mandated for Covid19

Molecular biologist who worked on making a vaccine that would sterilize animals, speaks on the massive number of still births and infertility that has resulted from the experimental mRNA shots mandated to us all, allegedly to prevent Covid 19′.

This interview was from this morning’s Corona Investigative Committee with Reiner Fuellmich.

Yesterday’s Corona Investigative Committee with Reiner Fuellmich

Legend below:

(Starts with German voice over then changes to English)

Sen. Malcolm Roberts (Australia) – beginning until 1 hour 16 minutes 30 seconds

Naomi Wolf straight after until 1 hour 58 minutes 45 seconds (She said all the Pfizer Info is at, nothing happens when I give that in)

in between Wolfgang Wodarg explains a couple of things – in English Freddy Ponton – 2 hours 7 minutes until 3 hours 12 minutes 14 seconds

Dr. Mark Trozzi directly afterwards until 3 hours 56 minutes Prof. Martin Schwab – about a few things, from the Court-case he’s fighting on behalf of the Soldiers, over the TAZ (Voelkischer Beobachter) smear-campaign to Chipping. Some Video-clips at the End

Thank you Hellequin GB for watching and writing the table of contents for us.

Segment of this week’s Corona Ausschuss

Hellequin Gentleman Bastard suggests that we start at the 1:45:00 mark for the last two interviews. Hellequin’s comments:

The last interview with Martin Armstrong was really eye-opening to quite a few things, and he believes that most Politicians are utterly stupid, he only liked Maggie Thatcher since she was intelligent and one could have a conversation with her. The guy before him painted a very scary picture. But both were saying that WWIII is now unstoppable.

Corona Auschluss: Session 99, Stage victories

This is LIVE as of now. The direct link is here.

We haven’t been as on top of this as we used to be, because they started an English stream. So the hours of going through it and translating the best bits with English titles became less necessary. In the comments on the site though, observant readers have been posting links to the English stream and to exceptional segments. We try and post them as time permits.

UPDATE from EB with thanks:

You are able to replay the session via gettr beginning @ 19:00.

Session 97 of Corona Investigative Committee, with Reiner Fuellmich

I am told this is the most disturbing one so far.

Here is a link to a working version. It doesn’t seem to embed. Thank you to JM for this link.

Reiner Fuellmich’s opening remarks at a curious kind of people’s court

I’m not super clear on what this is. For the moment, what it appears to be to us is a kind of home made court within which the people and facts of the Pandemic, virus, banning of therapeutics, and forcing of home imprisonment and ultimately an experimental mRNA gene therapy on all of us, is under trial.

Chances are this court has no authority, but it still needs to happen. And the people accused should appear or send representation. Because of they don’t and they are found guilty, they should look at it as a possible future for them.

Thank you Dr. RL.