Kenyan Doctor reminds us this is not the first attempt to damage a population with a “vaccine”

This is a fascinating presentation. While still not an “Anti-vaxxer”, the contempt for policy that would use and abuse efficacious substances for nefarious purposes and call them vaccines grows exponentially.

This doctor practicing for decades in Kenya, explains how they tried to sterilize the population with a Tetanus vaccine. Another Bill Gates production.

As Dr. Yeadon points out, Thalidomide seemed like a great idea for pregnant women. But the damage it did was monstrous. Being against this kind of use of medicines does not make one anti-medication. Just like being anti drowning someone in vodka doesn’t make them anti booze.

Corona Ausschuss: Dr. Bryan Ardis – “They have been knowingly killing us”

One of the speakers from this morning’s Corona Ausschuss, Dr. Bryan Ardis.

Dr. Ardiss makes some astonishing claims, but gives his sources for all of them, and all of them are official Pfizer or FDA documents. It should be noted that for the first time that I am aware of, Youtube took down their weekly Friday morning feed calling it medical misinformation. Meanwhile, every kind of crackpot spiritual healer can be found all over Youtube, so long as they do not attempt to give the other side of the mRNA injections.

This is a little long but there is value here. I will poke through the rest of the broadcast which Hellequin found for us on another platform since Youtube stopped it midstream. At the same time, their actual website came down as well.

Interesting times indeed.

Psychologist answers many WHYS of this last 16 months MUST SEE

From today’s Reiner Fuellmich broadcast, an English Dr. of psychology explains a lot of the holes in our understanding of the events of the last 16 months. The strange narrative and anti-science policies like masks on the healthy etc. This is really interesting and nearly seals the deal on this whole, dare I say, ‘scamdemic’.

Two compelling videos on the entire Covid-vaccine issue and what and who may be behind it

1. British Police officer sufficiently concerned about deaths from the injections, that he is attempting to stop the entire roll out. I have to agree with him on one thing for sure.

This has always been about administering the vaccine. All roads lead to vaccine. The only thing that matters, not truth, not science, not medicine and most certainly not public health, has been about the vaccine. Some of his information is material we have posted at this site before. The Canadian doctor who said, “We made a mistake […] the spike protein, which your body now makes if you get the shot is the pathogen”. So its good to not create a feedback loop. In any case, its interesting.

No idea if he is correct or not in his assertions, we don’t have his documents. But its hard to doubt his sincerity. Please advise when Youtube takes this down so we can restore it.

This appears to be the whole video:

2. This is an interview with German lawyer, Reiner Fuellmich. Its really interesting I think and worth the time. Once again whatever else is true, the sincerity here is legit.

Thank you Pauline, Andrea and Coram Deo.

English segment of Friday’s weekly zoom with German doctor/lawyer Reiner Füllmich

Every Friday, Dr. Reiner Füllmich hols a Zoom with various experts around the world on the global scam using Covid19 to change everything about life, without the permission or knowledge of the world’s peoples. This is the one segment I could find in English in full except for the short breaks where Dr.Füllmich translates his guests into German.

This is connected to the Rockerfeller post from earlier today. It would be good to watch this, and the materials in the other post one after the other for a proper data set to decide on its veracity and importance.