Israel announces shocking class system over vaxx status

And now we suspect we know why Bibi got replaced

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10 Replies to “Israel announces shocking class system over vaxx status”

    • The vax seems somewhat effective at preventing severe illness, but not that effective at stopping the catching of COVID or its transmission.

      In other words, the use that it has is to the vaccinated person, and not so much to herd immunity.

      Vaccines should be offered for those who want them. The rest of us should be left the F alone!

  1. I always thought that Bennett was a bit of a fascist (I do /not/ feel that way about Shaked). I guess this proves it. He’s even going to be keeping Jews out of synagogues?

    That being said, there’s a tendency to exaggerate in Israeli politics. 90% he’ll be forced to back down. For one thing, his gov’t holds by the grace of an Islamist party, and on this particular matter, I have more faith in *them* doing the right thing!

  2. Tesha b’Av occurs about this time of year. Throughout history, it has been a day of disaster for Jews. The first and second Temples were destroyed on this date, and I think it was also the day Ferdinand and Isabella ordered the Jews out of Spain. Curious, no?

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