Reiner Fuellmich speaks with US attorney, Leslie Manookian

US Lawyer, Leslie Manookian has some really important messaging for us all in this conversation with the Reiner Fuellmich gang from yesterday’s Corona webcast.

This is the whole segment with the German translations edited out for brevity.

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2 Replies to “Reiner Fuellmich speaks with US attorney, Leslie Manookian”

  1. This has been the best analysis on the reason why we must fight the mask mandates! I’ve always felt that the masks were the most invasive and flagrant abuse of our basic rights. The vaccine is just phase two of the process. Great interview. GO US GO! The world is watching!

  2. I don’t normally stop and start videos to make comments… but I think the analysis on going after text messages is spot on. Why would the US government bother going after personal text messages if they were not fearful?

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