More clips of the Israeli town under bombardment, Sderot

Many thanks to MC for taking the time, trouble, and not unsubstantial risk, of getting this footage for us so that we may have some notion of what life is like in that Israeli border town.


Today started early with missile warnings starting in the early hours, the trains have stopped running south of Ashkelon so I had to run my daughter to Ashkelon station, the roads were empty, even more so than Sabbath.

Most of the traffic was military.

Later I went out on my bicycle to collect Video footage for Vlad, we were having alarms almost hourly through the day, finally I went to the Iron Dome site, I was nearly knocked off my bike as the alarm went off yet again; a panicking BMW driver.

I got to the ID site, and the alarm went off again, but no launch, the missiles are about $40,000 and they do not launch unless lives are threatened.

Later, I set out for Ashkelon Station to pick up the daughter but the main roads past Yad Mordechai and the Erez crossing were closed so I had to take the back roads.

I finally got to the station, but the train had been delayed because of the missiles.
As I drove out of Sderot I had seen about 12 to fifteen smoke trails rising up from Gaza city – obviously going to Ashkelon and Ashdod.

There have been fatalities and serious injuries, Hamas does not care about collateral damage, they tell the world that all Israelis are soldiers even the children and pensioners.….
Whilst waiting at the station there were two sirens (they have the traditional air raid wailing siren in Ashkelon.

There in front of me were the missiles, their rocket motors fireflies glowing in the dark, but I fumbled the camera on the ‘phone – sorry
Today is has been stressful, many people are terrified, my daughter reports people on the train terrified and weeping. It is difficult to put across just how bad it can be.

Personally, I tend to rationalize, I faced my first bomb in Singapore as a teenager when the Indonesians bombed the Hongkong and Shanghai bank in Orchard Road in 1966., and I have been bombed in Londonderry, Ryadh and London(11/7) – I tend to be fatalistic about it, If it has my name on it then so be it, I can’t run any more so I just brazen it out.


Israeli hospital hit by rocket fire


H/T Oz-Rita

Some updates on the exchanges between Israel and Hamas

According to Times of Israel, a man was killed in Ashkelon 

Fighting persists into Sunday after weekend of heavy cross-border fire; rocket also reported to hit apartment building in Sderot; Israel hits sites in Gaza


A man was killed when a rocket slammed into his home in southern Israel early Sunday morning, as Gazan terrorists pummeled Israeli towns with projectiles and Israel responded with hundreds of airstrikes over the weekend.

More updates as they come in will be posted here till tomorrow.



Over NINETY missiles fired from Gaza into Sderot, other Israeli towns

UPDATE: The number of missiles has been updated to 200 and many more towns including Jerusalem have received what is called, “Red Paint warnings.

UPDATE: Local Israeli news is publishing that the apparent Cases Belli for the muslims to rain explosives down on multiple Israeli citizens, is because there is a Eurovison song contest in Tel Aviv in 10 days.


No kidding.

Gaza factions said to warn they’ll ‘ruin Eurovision’ if Israel breaks agreements

Amid heightened tensions between Israel and the Gaza Strip, Palestinian factions in the coastal enclave have warned that failure to honor unofficial agreements regarding the territory will lead to increased arson attacks in the border region and rockets on Tel Aviv that would “ruin Eurovision,” the Lebanese Al Akhbar newspaper reported Wednesday.


The unnamed sources told the daily that an escalation was likely due to “Israel’s procrastination in carrying out the understandings of calm vis-a-vis the Palestinian factions.”

Egypt, the United Nations and Qatar recently brokered ceasefire understandings between Israel and Hamas, which Hebrew media reports have said include an end to violence emanating from Gaza in exchange for the Jewish state easing some of its restrictions on the movement of people and goods into and out of the coastal enclave. Hamas, an Islamist terrorist group, seeks to destroy Israel.

(More updates at the bottom of this post as well)

From MC: Our Israeli correspondent:

I managed to get the videos this morning. These are UN-approved attacks on civilians by the Hamas terrorist administration. You are watching war crimes which will go unrecognised because the victims are Israeli Jews who are just too ‘evil’ to be considered members of the human race.

So we get bombed and nobody gives an (ape or a) monkey.

Hamas is a fundamentalist Islamic group which, because it mainly targets Israeli Jews, is approved by many European and world politicians; they are the ‘friends’ of the British Labour Party.

The videos were taken this morning from my front porch. I apologise for the quality, but I was trying to limit my exposure to shrapnel and any other junk.

The delay between the flash and the bang gives me several miles’ distance, but the closer ones are too fast to track.

I was however determined to get some footage despite the risks, these are more than just overgrown fireworks as some apologists for Islam are wont to declare.

A house in Ashkelon was hit today and there was shrapnel damage. a look at The Jerusalem Postwebsite will show you the stills.

The Israeli retaliations are going on as I write, but they will be limited because, whilst the world condoned the bombing of jooz, it despises any proper Israeli response, calling for ‘moderation’ which is diplo-speak for ‘don’t retaliate or we will condemn it as “disproportionate”.’

So we supply Gaza with fuel, food, and electricity, and they return death and destruction. This just epitomises the self-righteous arrogance of the so-called ‘religion of peace’ and its supporters in London, Brussels, Rome, Stockholm, and Washington DC.


One question for “News“:

If these are “militants” what does it take to be a terrorist?


Synagogue shooting in San Diego

Jerusalem Post has slightly more


Two attacks on Jewish institutions this weekend, Canada and Russia

1. Jewish Cafe Targeted On Passover Eve In Violent Incident

Winnipeg Canada:

A River Heights restaurant was the scene of a brutal robbery that sent an employee to hospital, and police report antsemitic graffiti was spray-painted inside the Jewish-owned business by the suspects. Sources have confirmed that the perpetrators broke into the Cafe at 10.45 PM Thursday night and discovered a female family member on site who was assaulted.


The attack happened only a few hours after the Cafe posted an online photo of their support for the Jewish National Fund Negev Dinner Gala set for May. JNF Exec. Director Ariel Karabelnikoff was alerted to the incident by TheJ .ca and upon attending the scene pronounced it was “sickening – this one seems much worse than the previous incidents.”


TheJ .ca has also learned that a gay-run Jewish non-profit group had established their office in the next unit and held a fundraiser at the facility on Wednesday night. “Be’TLV is comprised of LGBTQ* Jews of various backgrounds and their allies” and aims to “empower and showcase LGBTQ individuals” through programming at the Cafe.

2. HORROR IN MOSCOW: Neo-Nazi Arson at Yeshiva Toras Chaim on Erev Yom Tov [PHOTOS]

It was a horrific scene in Moscow on Erev Pesach, as talmidim at Yeshiva Toras Chaim awoke to find devastation from an apparent arson fire.


The Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Moshe Lebel, told the media there were 60 students, rabbis and guests in the building at the time of the arson. Bechasdei Hashem, no one was injured.

The blaze destroyed the storage room with food for Yom Tov, and all the Kosher meat was burnt.

According to a Facebook post by Rabbi Betzalel Mandel, neo-Nazis committed the attack on the yeshiva, which he called a “pogrom”. On one of the doors, the attackers drew a swastika and the number 88, a reference to the infamous Nazi salute “Heil Hitler.”


Olga Yessaulova, press secretary of the Chief Rabbi of Moscow, called it outrageous that the arson was committed on the eve of one of the most significant Jewish holidays.

“In the next two days we will not be able to investigate, because Pesach begins at this moment. The situation is completely entrusted to law enforcement agencies, which we hope will be able to find intruders,” said Esaulova.

One more: Times of Israel reports on Moscow

While Russia has a long history of anti-Semitism, it has noticeably declined under Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Putin has made considerable efforts to reach out to Russian Jewish communities, both within his state’s borders and in Israel. His country’s chief rabbi, Berel Lazar, is a close confidante.


He has encouraged the restoration of dozens of synagogues destroyed under communism and taken a hard-line on anti-Semitism.


There is more to this organization, and more will be posted later on it

So a muslim decides to get more religious and stab two Jewish people at a market…

Thank you C for finding and translating this video. Interesting how the PM of the Netherlands and all his minions aren’t running around in skull caps and playing Torah readings at all the schools.

Video of the actual attack:


Rocket hits home in Central Israel

And about Iron Dome’s usefulness:

The rocket is named J-80 after the head of the military wing of Hamas, Ahmed Jabri, and according to Hamas – since it travels on a nonlinear path – it can not be intercepted by Iron Dome.

It was always a questionable strategy anyway. Retaliation and deference works better in general.

Thank you Yucki

Israel launches counter-strike on Gaza


Pro-Hezbollah and pro-Iran regime media and social media accounts lit up on Thursday night, after two rockets were fred at Tel Aviv from Gaza. It indicates the close attention paid to tensions in Israel between Israel and terrorist groups in Gaza.

Lebanon’s satellite TV station Al-Mayadeen, which is generally supportive of the Syrian regime and Hezbollah, wrote a story within minutes of the reports of Iron Dome being activated. “Occupation admits that Palestinians bomb ‘Tel Aviv,’” the headline read. Relying on Israel’s Channel 12, the article noted that booms were heard in central Israel and that bomb shelters might be opened.


Similarly, Tasnim News Agency in Iran wrote up the article noting that Iron Dome had intercepted the rockets. Shehab News, which is supportive of Hamas, posted video and news on the rocket fire. Hezbollah’s Al-Manar also reported the rocket fire. Hossein Dalirian, director of defense coverage for Tansim News, tweeted that two Fajr-5 rockets were fired at Tel Aviv. It wasn’t clear why he specified the Fajr-5, which was developed by Iran and supplied to Islamic Jihad in Gaza. This rocket was used in 2012 to strike at Tel Aviv and has a range of at least 75 km. Hamas also used them in 2012. Dalirian noted that this was the first time a rocket had been fired over Tel Aviv in five years.

Israel and Iran trade threats: