Apparent False flag op downtown Ottawa

Don’t know more than this at the moment, but will update when more is known. For the moment, I would say that this is ANTIFA posing as NAZIS cause you can never find a real one when you need one for a false flag op it seems. I have two reports from Convoy members about kinetic attacks on them today. Will post one soon. The other is a conversation that was in another language and not recorded. But was basically a trucker couple that had reported that ANTIFA had been using significant force against US trucks in Freedom Convoys.


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  1. False Flags. – – Globe and Mail subsidized by we the people

    Writer Marsha Lederman
    “On the highway today I drove by a bunch of those protestors and their offensive signs and something happened: I had the weird sensation of being triggered by the sight of Canadian flags. It was just awful.”

    I was TRIGGERED when I read her comment
    She was triggered by the sight of the Canadian flag – – what flag would she prefer?
    A bunch of those protestors – – a group of protestors
    A bunch of flowers

    This is what the Canadian people are paying for.

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