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52 Replies to “Retired police officer explains how to deal with ANTIFA at Ottawa Freedom rally September 18, 2021”


    9 NEWS Australia – Protests continue outside Melbourne’s CFMEU office

    Riot squad police have swarmed Melbourne’s CBD as a tense stand-off between officers and angry construction protesters continues.

    • sky news australia – Health authorities concerned Melbourne protest could become COVID-19 superspreader event

      It comes as hundreds of construction workers have protested in the city against vaccine mandates, leading to clashes with police

    • sky news australia – Police outnumbered, media harassed amid second day of construction protests

      Thousands of tradies have swarmed the streets of Melbourne for the second day, outnumbering police and taunting members of the media as they march against mandatory vaccination and the shutdown of the construction industry.

      It comes as mandatory vaccines are being enforced, with everyone working in construction needing to have a vaccine by September 23.

      Scenes became quite heated as angry protesters vented their frustrations by flipping and mouthing off members of the media.

    • sky news australia – Fireworks set off in Melbourne construction worker protest

      Protesters have lit a series of fireworks and flares as the protests heat up in the Melbourne CBD.

      The protests have been ongoing in the city’s CBD since midmorning.

    • sky news australia – Protesters move away from Parliament House

      The Melbourne protesters have moved away from parliament after heavy police presence at the building.

      The protesters marched from the Queen Victoria markets to parliament on Spring Street and are now down Bourke Street.

    • sky news australia -Victoria Police advance on anti-vax protesters outside state parliament

      The confrontation comes a day after violence erupted outside the Victoria’s CFMEU headquarters, prompting the Andrews government to enforce a two-week shutdown of the construction industry.

    • 10 News First – Melbourne Construction Workers Protest At CFMEU Office

      Protestors became violent at a similar strike yesterday and Victoria Police were forced to deploy rubber bullets. Union officials have condemned the protests.

    • sky news australia – Concerns rise Melbourne protests could undo work done to combat COVID in the state

      Concerns are rising amongst Victorians that the protest in Melbourne could undo all the good work the community has been doing to combat the virus in the state.

    • sky news australia – ‘Abhorrent behaviour’ of protesters has lead to ‘substantial’ public health risk

      Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas says abhorrent behaviour from a minority has lead to a very substantial health risk as protests continue in Melbourne.

    • sky news australia – Two-week shutdown avoidable if construction industry was ‘more compliant’

      Political Consultant Jim Middleton says if the construction industry had been more compliant, it may not have been shut down for two weeks

      […]He also said the closure of tea rooms was a reasonable move by the state government, given the risk of COVID transmission.

      “It’s not a great ask in my view to suggest that they not gather in their lunchrooms in close proximity,” he said.

    • the guardian autralia – Reporter faces violence as construction workers protest vaccination mandate in Melbourne

      Among them were construction workers and, according to some reports, members of the far right.

      The state government has mandated Covid-19 vaccinations for those working in the construction industry.

      During the protests, Channel Seven reporter Paul Dowsley had a drink can thrown at his head during a live cross which left him visibly shaken

    • sky news australia – ‘Ugly scenes’ from Melbourne protest

      Premier Daniel Andrews’ decision to shut the entire construction industry for two weeks may have “backfired” as it has led to two days of protests.

    • Melbourne construction workers protest Covid shutdown of industry

      Officials said all worksites will also need to demonstrate compliance with health directions prior to reopening, including that staff have had at least one dose of a vaccine before they return to work Oct. 5.

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